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Everything you need to know to improve the management of your sales team and close more deals, faster - right here.

We're providing you with useful tips and resources to measure your sales team productivity, the quality of your SQLs, and MQLs and ultimately help you make the right decisions to grow your business.

Our VP of Sales, Rob Wood, is also sharing his experience as a Seasoned Sales and Marketing Manager.

Better reporting means better results - & more business!

Productive and efficient sales teams rely on data and key performance indicators to improve their sales process.

In these blog posts, we give you the key performance metrics and useful tips to get the most out of your customers' and CRM data.

Ready-to-use sales dashboards for your team

Now that you have the right KPIs to monitor the performance of your team and the quality of your leads, you need dashboards to visualize them. Our Business Analysts built a full set of interactive dashboards that you can use with your team... Right now.

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Sales overview, by region, segment and sales rep
Lead Performance dashboard
Retailer sales KPI dashboard
Daily results vs. goals dashboard

a seasoned sales executive's insights & opinions

Improve your sales management skills with these tips and insights from our VP of Sales and Marketing, Rob Wood.

You can follow and connect with Rob on LinkedIn to get more tips.

Time to take the BI plunge

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