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Looking To Upgrade Your Sales Performance Reporting?

You've come to the right place! We're providing you with useful tips and resources to measure your sales team productivity, the quality of your SQLs, and MQLs and ultimately help you make the right decisions to grow your business.

You can also book a quick chat with our business analysts to explore quick ways to improve your sales reporting process to make better decisions.

Ready-To-Use Sales Dashboards for Your Team

Now that you have the right KPIs to monitor the performance of your team and the quality of your leads, you need dashboards to visualize them. Our Business Analysts built a full set of interactive dashboards that you can use with your team... Right now.

Sales Forecast

A  real-time dashboard for sales leaders and executives who want to stay informed and up-to-date on sales forecasts and revenue commitments. Easily combine data from any system to create a single version of the truth.  Stop relying on ever changing spreadsheets.

Lead Performance Dashboard

Measure the quality and the value of your organic, PPC, PPL, MQL, SQL leads in a single dashboard. By adding marketing and financial KPIs to your lead performance dashboard, you get the full picture of the performance of your pipeline.

Read our blog post to learn how to build this dashboard.

Call Summary Report

Track your team's call activity with this summary report.

You have an overview of the call frequency, duration, response rate, and the activity overview per BDR or AM and call type.

This report goes beyond the built-in report in your telephony or VoIP system as it allows you to visualize stats by weekdays, business days, and allows you to drill down into the data.

Opportunities Individual Report

Sales Team and BDR Reporting.
Turn weekly or monthly reports into hourly reports. Turn manual reports into automated reports. Design custom reports that can be used at every level. Segregate teams by region, product, goal… It’s your sales team, it should be your sales report!

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"Although we’ve only been using ClicData for a few weeks, it has ready helped us manage our business better.”

Alan, Director of Online Advertising Operations, NewsOK.

"I love the support I get, I love being able to create plenty of easy to consume visualizations that makes data analysis quick and easy."

Gao, Director, Navigate Commodities

"ClicData automatically extracts, creates and distributes our daily and weekly figures, completely blended with our company objectives" 

Gary, Systems Project Manager, Sharps.

insightful webinars with data & sales experts

Measure your outbound sales activities with ClicData and RingCentral

In this webinar, learn how to build consolidated reports with your CRM, telephony, campaigns data to get the full picture of your sales team’s productivity and performance.

How to succeed your Business Intelligence project implementation

Learn how to make your business BI-ready with our audience, data collection, call-to-action and KPI wireframes. Our team of Business Analysts is here to help!

Calculate your campaigns' ROI and your CLV in a single dashboard

Learn how to combine your sales, e-commerce and Google Ads in a single marketing dashboard to calculate your Customer Lifetime Value and your marketing campaigns' ROI.

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