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Connecting and storing data

Learn how to build your data warehouse by integrating data from various business tools and databases in a series of webinars and tutorial videos.

Learn how to use our connectors with in-depth webinars

webinar advanced google analytics dashboard

Build Advanced Google Analytics Dashboard

webinar woocommerce data analytics

Getting the most out of your WooCommerce Data with ClicData

webinar consolidating multiple xero accounts

Consolidate Multiple Xero Accounts in an Insightful Report

webinar leveraging big data with clicdata

ClicData & BigData – Get Better Reporting

webinar ringcentral data analytics

Leveraging Your RingCentral Data With ClicData

webinar airtable data analytics

Leveraging Your Airtable Data With ClicData

Cleaning, transforming and enhancing data

Learn how to use our powerful data engine to combine data from multiple sources and simplify the cleaning process.

Discover the power of combining data from multiple sources in our blog

blog mongodb analytics clicdata

Leveraging MongoDB Analytics with ClicData: A Comprehensive Guide

You probably know this better than anybody, effective data management and analytics are pivotal for business success. ClicData stands out as a robust platform, offering comprehensive solutions for data management...
blog hubspot aircall clicdata integration

Hubspot Aircall Integration + ClicData: Super Charge Your Sales & Marketing Performance

Are you tired of struggling with data silos between your sales and marketing teams? Do you find it challenging to measure the performance of your Aircall campaigns on HubSpot or...
thumbnail quickbooks

QuickBooks & ClicData, Awesome Combo for SMB Financial Management

If you work with complex processes in a corporate environment, ERP is a great fit. But what’s the right solution if you are driving an SMB? What’s the most efficient...

Building and sharing dashboards

sales dashboard templates stater pack cover

Boost your Sales Performance with Pre-Built Sales Dashboards

Looking to improve your sales funnel and pipeline? Discover our pre-built sales dashboard templates to get a…

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marketing dashboards starter pack cover

Get Off-The-Shelf Marketing Dashboard Templates

Don’t have time to create dashboards & reports from scratch? Discover our ready-to-use marketing dashboards that’ll make…

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man looking at a financial dashboard with different indicators.

Monitor Your Financial Performance with Ready-to-Use Dashboard Templates

Knowing how your finances are doing at all times is key to success in today’s world! Yet,…

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Tap into hundreds of dashboard templates

interactive customer profiling dashboard to monitor customer profile

Customer Profiling

ecommerce ads performance dashboard

eCommerce and Ads Performance

email campaign dashboard to monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns

Email Marketing Performance

p&l dashboard template

Profit & Loss

real-time sales forecast for sales leaders and executives

Sales Forecast

team productivity kpis dashboard to track billable hours, profitability by project

Team Productivity Report

Securing access to data and dashboards

Learn more about our OKTA integration to enable SSO on your account

webinar using sso okta with clicdata

Configuring SSO and Advanced Security on ClicData with OKTA

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