The Intelligent Business Report

Improve your business decision making immediately with our Intelligent Business Index report.
Download this Intelligent Business Index to learn about the risks of weak business monitoring and the best practices
you can employ to improve and speed decision making immediately.


Measure the right metrics to better drive your business

Having relevant business data on hand is essential to drive your business successfully.
But how much are today’s businesses actually accessing and using critical data to drive decision making and, ultimately, lead to improved business performance and outcomes?

This free business intelligence market report includes:

  • Survey results that reveal how SMEs monitor KPIs and subsequently analyze data.
  • Insight into how SMEs are making business decisions, including flaws in their process.
  • Best practices to set your company on a path to better decision making today.

It’s free to download this PDF report by simply filling out the form on this page.

What ClicData Can Do For
Small & Medium Businesses

Quickly connect your data and easily create well-organized and visually appealing dashboards
so you can better analyze data and share insights into the key metrics that matter most.
ClicData is an online business intelligence tool that helps you create meaningful,
automated dashboards and reports so you can make faster, more intelligent decisions every day.