2021 BI & Analytics Market Report & Software Review

2021 tec insight graph bi and analytics solutions

"ClicData occupies the leading position within the 2020 TEC Insight Graph for BI and Analytics Solutions, by providing an extensive functionality set across the board as well as a high user experience. It is the only vendor solution located within the dominant zone."

Jorge Garcia, Senior Data Analyst @ TEC - Author of the report

About TEC Insight Reports

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is a leading impartial advisory company that helps decision-makers choose the right softwares to run their business efficiently. With the TEC Insight Reports and the TEC Insight Graph, they intend to arm decision-makers with accurate data and incisive context to inform their business software choices.

The software analysis and ranking were done based on 12 functionalities and 7 measures of customer experience (CX):



  • Basic Analysis Functions
  • Self-Service
  • Analysis Services
  • Data Visualization and
  • Discovery
  • Dashboarding, Scorecarding, and Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Security
  • Connectivity, Integration, and
  • Data Sources
  • Social and Collaboration Capabilities
  • Data Management
  • Content Management

Customer Experience (CX)

  • Technical (functionality, reliability, efficiency, compatibility, maintainability)
  • Usability (user satisfaction/experience, usability)
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Strategy
  • Service
  • Licensing