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ClicData's Leading the 2021 TEC Insight BI & Analytics Report

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Our platform has been positioned Leader in the TEC Insight Business Intelligence Report.

13 BI tools have been reviewed thoroughly by senior BI and data management experts, and ClicData came out to be the Leader based on 12 functionality and 7 measures of user experience criteria.

10 KPIs for Project Managers

Download this cheat sheet of the top 10 performance indicators to monitor the success of your projects.

Enhance your Sales and Marketing Reporting With HubSpot & ClicData

You love HubSpot but your Marketing and Sales reporting lacks depth?

In this webinar, we will show you how to make the most out of your HubSpot data with ClicData.

10 Financial KPIs for E-commerce

These key performance indicators inform you of your revenue, profit, and inventory management in real-time.

10 Marketing KPIs for E-commerce

10 KPIs to track the performance of your SEO, CPC, social and email
campaigns at any given time.

Lead Performance Cheat Sheet

14 KPIs to measure the quality and value of your inbound, PPC, PPL, MQL, and SQL leads in a single cheat sheet.

BeebyClark+Meyler Business Case

Learn how ClicData is making a marketing agency improve their Analytics reporting and Dashboards.

Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

What's the future of BI? Machine learning has a great role to play in the interpretation of data and sure will improve business intelligence.

Future of Data

Report distributed in The Times magazine,
you'll find in-depth articles, infographics,
and insights on the future of data, AI and Data Science.

Future of BI: Artificial Intelligence

Despite the advances, BI remains relatively difficult to use. Artificial Intelligence can change and open up the world of BI and Data Analysis to everyone.

Guide to B2B Customer Acquisition

6 tactics to enrich your customer acquisition strategy and 10 KPIs to measure your marketing & sales performance.

BI & Reporting for Social Media

Social media are key marketing channels for today’s businesses to increase their brand awareness. Learn how to choose the right platform and monitor your performance.

The Ultimate BI Software Buyers Guide

Get The Ultimate BI Software Buyers Guide to learn which KPI reporting and dashboard tool is right for you. Learn how to compare tools and features.

Is Big Data Working For You?

Simply having and processing Big Data doesn't automatically boost productivity or improve profits. Quite the contrary.  But can it work for you?

Powerful Dashboards from Complex Data

As data gets more and more complex, the journey to optimized reporting can be a simple one.

The Intelligent Business Index Report

Learn the risks of weak business monitoring in this Intelligent Business Index Report and get the best practices to improve and speed your decision making today.

How to Buy BI Software

Buying Business Intelligence software can be a tough task. Get your free checklist in this guide to help you choose the best BI tool for your business.

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