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True & reliable reporting is key to running a sales organization.


The Easiest and Smartest Reporting Tool

ClicData alerts you when there are deviations in the performance of your websites and marketing campaigns.
Spend less time on Excel and spend more time generating leads for your sales team!



Stop managing canned reports. Aggregate information from any source. CRMs, POS, accounting, marketing and more can all be combined for beautiful, dynamic reporting.



With white-label reporting you can easily show your customers the progress and value you provide. Automate the reporting and make it your own. Your company, your services, your customer and now your reporting.

Embedded Reporting


Your KPIs are only of value when they are measured and reported on. Real-time updates are easily available and always at your fingertips. Stay on top of what’s key to driving your business. Customer satisfaction, sales appointments, sales cycle, demos, and so much more.



Take your inside sales management to the next level. Combine customer information with dials and talk time to create a single report for each rep. Know in real-time how customer engagement and sales prospecting is driving revenue.



Dynamic reporting for every rep on your team. Now review call recordings, CRM activity, training accomplishments and more. Combine your CRM, LMS and telephony systems to enable reps and managers to engage in training and self improvements, on demand.



Manage what’s important, anywhere and at anytime using your Android, iOS or any mobile device. Have Key Performance Indicators highlighted on your smartphone, from anywhere, at anytime.

Get Help From Our Business Analysts

Our experts Business Analysts help you set up reports that you need to drive your sales activities.
Let us know the critical indicators you care most about and we'll help you set up dashboards to review them at a moment's notice.

Track Your Campaigns and Their Success

real-time updates on everything pipeline

Pipelines and forecast reporting consumes too much time, causes anguish between management and is plain dreadful. Have real-time knowledge of every opportunity and more importantly, what is impacting that opportunity. From your smartphone, over a cup of coffee, know which team, which rep and which deal is in jeopardy or on the brink of closing, all in real-time.


sales success relies on productivity

One thing that inside sales leaders understand is that systems surround you. Systems like CRM, telephony, booking, lead management and more are the daily tools of inside sales. Easily combine all these systems for a single source of truth. Understand which reps are calling which accounts, the age of leads, MQL conversation, dials, talk time and more. Know why active reps fail and repeat the success of superstars.


compare and measure everything

Quota attainment, pipeline creation, account touches, lead management, year over year growth, anything. The most significant way to improve your team is to understand your reps, and this means leveraging real-time KPIs measurement. Have everything important at your fingertips, anywhere and anytime.

They Track Their Sales Performance with ClicData


DavidOwner & Director of Business Planning

“Initially we only had a rough picture of what to see in a dashboard… The team at ClicData was incredibly helpful: I was presented with options and trained to make changes myself. Very impressed particularly as I was given a lot of support even before committing to spend money–the right way to customer satisfaction!”


AlanDirector of Online Advertising Operations

"Although we've only been using ClicData for a few weeks, it's already helping us better manage our business."

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