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Marketing & sales applications

Combine your CRM and marketing applications' data and visualize how your business is really performing.

Get More Insights into Your Customers Behavior

Do you know which prospects are most likely to bring you business? Do you know your churn rate has evolved int the past quarter? Do you know which message and which channel is performing best? Stop guessing, learn from your data in interactive and up to date dashboards.


salesforce integration

Your Salesforce accounts are full of precious data about your leads and customers. Get the most out of your CRM and marketing data with up to date dashboards.


hubspot integration

Hubspot is a powerful sales and marketing automation tool that is filled with valuable data. Connect the data you need to understand how to improve your campaigns and sales.

Ready To Get Started?

Start building and sharing your first dashboards now!

visualize all your business data in a single place

Connect your CRM system and data to ClicData and visualize in real-time your sales team performance.

Combine your sales and marketing data and measure the real impact of your activities on your business revenue.

Connect your Survey Monkey accounts and visualize the results of your surveys in real-time.

Want To Connect Other Data?

Go back to our Data Connection page and find the applications you need to connect.