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Go beyond your Zoho CRM Analytics to get deeper insights into your pipeline management, lead tracking, project management, and boost revenue.

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Visão geral da integração

Natively bring all your Zoho CRM data to ClicData, and connect to your favorite systems such as your VOIP, eCommerce, Web Analytics, Sales, and Marketing platforms. Cleanse, combine, and visualize your data in interactive and custom dashboards or pixel-perfect reports. Get deeper insights into your customer acquisition, pipeline management, and team performance. Get alerted in real-time when thresholds are met.

Principais benefícios

  • Leverage 70+ widgets to visualize your marketing and CRM data easily
  • Compare Conversion Rates by Channel and Segment to optimize your marketing budget
  • Measure your marketing ROI by combining your Revenue data with your inbound and outbound spending from your financial system
  • Keep track of your sales team productivity: Dials, Outbound emails, Deals In Progress / Closed, Task Completion
  • Set custom thresholds and get alerts whenever they’re reached to stay on top of your team and campaigns’ performance

Métricas de Amostra

  • Conversion rate by Segment
  • CPL by Segment or/and Channel
  • Avg Time to Close by Segment
  • Number of Dials by BDR / Account Executives
  • ROI by Marketing Channel
  • And more…

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