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Connect Pipedrive and ClicData to track your leads, deals, customers, and revenue in custom, real-time dashboards.


make sense of your pipedrive data in smart dashboards

Pipedrive is a great CRM system that empowers sales teams with powerful features to nurture leads and manage customers to grow your business. By connecting Pipedrive to ClicData, you will get the full picture of your sales teams' performance in interactive and real-time dashboards:

  • Compare your average time to close deals by quarters, year, or month
  • Track your account retention rate and recurring revenue
  • Measure your Sales Rep. Cost vs. Break Even
  • Calculate your Total Cost of Sales
  • and many more KPIs that you need to efficiently run your sales operations.
Pipeline Cultivation Sales Dashboard

About ClicData

ClicData is the world’s first end-to-end Reporting Platform for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Centralize all your business data in one place automatically.
  • Generate beautiful and self-refreshing dashboards for any device and for any size team.
  • Receive alerts when key metrics reach certain values.
  • No servers, no installation, fully secure, and available in multiple regions.
  • Increase productivity and communication, save time and money with our fully automated solution.

The reporting tool every sales teams need

Connecting to Pipedrive

ClicData has a native connector to Pipedrive that allows you to connect and extract your data in just a few clicks. Don't believe us?

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Need to connect more tools?

ClicData connects to hundreds of business applications, databases, cloud storage apps. You can centralize, blend and visualize all your data in one place.

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Turnkey sales dashboards

Monitor the revenue per sales rep, customer, region, segment... Discover our ready-to-use dashboards and KPI templates to better drive your sales.

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Connect your Pipedrive account and all your sales data to your ClicData account and build your first dashboard today.

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