agile reporting with netsuite & clicdata

Create custom, real-time reports with data from NetSuite and many other systems without the need for IT.


we offer the flexibility your reporting needs

With ClicData, anyone can connect data from NetSuite and other systems, automate data refreshes, and share dashboards in just a few hours.

And here's what we offer:

  • A centralized reporting platform: ClicData connects to NetSuite but also to your CRM, accounting, marketing, excel files, project management systems, and many more tools.
  • Easy data cleansing and prep tools: you can quickly cleanse or transform data, merge or aggregate datasets to make sense of your raw data.
  • Custom & interactive metrics: Build interactive and custom KPIs with our drag-and-drop dashboard designer. Add drill down, zooms, and filters to get the information that's important to you.
  • Real-time alerts and dashboards: everything can be automated! Data refreshes, alerts, dashboard delivery, and publication.
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About ClicData

ClicData is the world’s first end-to-end Reporting and Business Intelligence platform.

  • Centralize all your business data in one place automatically.
  • Generate beautiful and self-refreshing dashboards for any device and for any size team.
  • Receive alerts when key metrics reach certain values.
  • No servers, no installation, fully secure, and available in multiple regions.
  • Increase productivity and communication, save time and money with our fully automated solution.

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Netsuite Interface

About NetSuite

NetSuite is a leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce software. 

Here are some key features for each product:

  • For Accounting Departments: billing, revenue recognition, financial planning, global accounting and consolidation, GRC
  • For Sales: customer service management, marketing automation, mobile apps, partner relationship management, sales force management
  • For Human Capital management: order management, supply chain management, production management, procurement, financial management
  • For Marketing: email solution that allows personalization, automation and that embeds analytics.

Learn more about NetSuite by Oracle for your business.

powerful yet easy-to-Use BI platform

Connect Your NetSuite Data

ClicData offers a native and powerful connector to NetSuite. Create your free account and bring all your data into ClicData in just a few clicks.

250+ Connectors Available

ClicData connects to hundreds of business applications, databases, cloud storage apps. You can centralize, blend and visualize all your data in one place.

Dashboard Examples

Check out our dashboard examples for all departments and activities within your company: sales, marketing, HR, accounting, logistics, call centers...

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