Use your forms, surveys and workflows data in your reporting with ClicData data analytics platform. Enrich your Formstack data with other systems’ data.

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Visão geral da integração

With ClicData, you can centralize, store, slice and dice and visualize data from your Formstack account the way you want. You can build executive overviews of the performance of your customer survey, HR, or marketing campaigns. ClicData also allows you to combine your Formstack data with any other systems in your company: marketing tools, ads, CRM, ERP, event management, etc.

Principais benefícios

  • Measure your Customer NPS by campaign or overtime
  • Track the number of registrations for each of your events
  • Measure the impact of your marketing paid ads on signups/registrations

Métricas de Amostra

  • Numbers of respondents or form submissions
  • Number of registrations per event
  • Customer NPS
  • CSAT
  • CES

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