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"We implemented ClicData ourselves and it went smoothly, we uploaded data quickly and built our first dashboards in less than an hour for us and our customers."
Damien Lafourcade, Marketing 1BY1

"We're able to import the raw data very easily, it's a huge time saver. Once it's imported, we simply refresh the data and everything's available to everybody."
Derek Dancy, Marsham International Food Brokers

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ClicData allows us to provide performance dashboards to each of our clients. By using ClicData's white-label option, ScaleX is able to create custom dashboards for each of our clients adding value to the ScaleX service offering.

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ChrisManaging Partner

ClicData allows for FTI to be flexible and deliver more value to our clients. By partnering with ClicData, we are able to improve reporting and reporting management.

Visio Media Customer Success Story with ClicData dashboards solution


I recommend ClicData to everyone. It’s a valuable tool for making sense of data with ease. With ClicData’s help, we’ve streamlined our client services and freed up extra time for our account managers.


AnneHead Of Operations

With ClicData, we’ve updated and published our dashboards to our clients and it has saved us lots of time. Our ability to present data that way has certainly elevated us above our competition.



By understanding our clients’ data and compiling actionable reports, we provide valuable services to our clients and they thank us for it. ClicData has made it possible to go the extra mile.

Seed And Spark Manages Business With ClicData Financial Reports

MaxDirector Of Operations

I’ve been continually impressed with the depth of features available with the ClicData platform. It rivals the capabilities of the leading enterprise offerings. The support team is also highly responsive and is a pleasure to work with!

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AlanDir. of Online Advertising

Although we’ve only been using ClicData for a few weeks, we already see how it is helping us manage our business better than ever.

Oncovet uses ClicData dashboard software to drive their vet practice


Our biobank of partner data and client data is absolutely critical to our clinic and business. ClicData helps us tap into our data from anywhere.



Initially, we only had a rough picture of what we wanted to see in a dashboard. But the ClicData Support team was incredibly helpful. They presented me with options and trained me to modify it myself. I was especially impressed because I was given a lot of support even before I made the commitment to purchase. Now that’s customer satisfaction!


RickVice President of Ancillary

I highly recommend ClicData to anyone who would like a cost effective, robust BI / dashboard solution. Several trials with other solutions were all good, but ultimately they would have cost thousands annually. With ClicData, we have all the functionality we need at an affordable price.

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SébastienInnovative Project Manager

We promote proper business management for the startups in the region. ClicData helps us help them focus on their business and provide investors and partners with the visibility they need.


FarhadExecutive Director

The intuitive graphics help me visually monitor performance and quickly navigate through large and complex sets of data to identify performance priorities. ClicData provides us with powerful yet affordable BI tool we need to make data actionable.


HasimDB Admin/Analyst

My job involves finding data patterns, addressing those patterns, and gathering more insights on current customers’ behavior trends. ClicData has helped me do exactly that in the fastest, most efficient and adaptable way possible.



ClicData gives us a dynamic representation of all the relevant KPIs measuring our business progress at the best price possible. We can access all the data we need and show our results in real time. Congrats on such a good product.


MegQA Officer

ClicData’s customer support is phenomenal. Not only were the support people quick to respond to all our queries, we felt like they really wanted to help.


KarnDirector of Operations

ClicData has been a huge time saver for us. We have already created over 70 dashboards and each person knows exactly how they are making an impact.