Real Time Data

Do you need data in real time to appear in your dashboards?  Use our API to send data in near real time (push) or trigger a data refresh (pull) when an event takes place.  The power of our API is in your hands to create amazing data integrations.

Data APIs

Create tables, push one row or multiple rows, update or delete rows.  Using our REST data endpoints you can have full control of your data sets and have your dashboards show up to the second information.  Use tools such as IFTTT and Zapier to bring real time data into ClicData and your dashboards.

Trigger Data Refreshes

Trigger data refreshes, full or partial data loads, from any event outside of ClicData with our data refresh API end points.  Setup your data connection and data source and trigger on-demand based on any events on your applications or user actions.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

With the ClicData API you can build innovative desktop and mobile applications that provide instant notifications and alerts and display real time dashboards.  You can also use the scheduler to call external APIs.

Ready to get started?

Start building and sharing your first dashboards now!

A Simple and Secure REST based API

The simplicity and power of ClicData extends to our API.  If you are a developer, you are going to love working with our API to create innovative applications, faster interfaces, and extend your UI to include dashboards.  Our online API reference includes everything you need to get started, even an endpoint playground.

Zaps Connect the Apps You Use Every Day

The best apps. Better Together.

With Zapier you can greate workflows between apps easily. Trigger a data refresh in ClicData when you get a new email, or when a new lead is created, or when a invoice is generated. The possibilities are almost endless!