Publish and Share

Once your dashboards are ready to be shared, you can simply add a person or an entire team to the dashboard security list and they will be notified via email instantly. ClicData comes with a scheduler system that you can configure to refresh data and publish dashboards at regular intervals on specific dates. Your team can receive dashboards as PDFs, images or Live Link – a new innovative way to share fully interactive dashboards.
Publish and Share dashboards with ClicData

No better way to show off your dashboards than by sharing them with your team, clients or partners.
See how easy it is to share dashboards in just a few clicks in this tutorial.

Publish dashboards via email

Dashboard Email Delivery

Use ClicData to deliver your dashboards via email to your team. Dashboards can be attached as PDF, Image or Live Links.
Refresh dashboard data

Publish on your intranet

Embed your metrics directly into your internal collaboration platform. You can also use live links as iframes.
Automate Reporting

Automate Reporting

Set up Automatic Reporting and publish your dashboards to the individuals or teams you select.

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