integrated & smart data warehouse

Bring all of your company data into one place to ensure data consistency, data quality, and ease of reporting.

Centralize, Combine, Clean Your Data in a Single Place

Use ClicData to centralize data collection and store all of your data in one place. Create relationships between different data sets and different systems to explore, analyze and report on all of your data.  Connect external applications such as R and SPSS to do advanced data analysis.

How our data warehouse works


Faster Access

Using our scheduling system or real time API, your data will always be up to date and you will always be able to access it. ClicData features ETL tools to make sure your data is ready for consumption at any time. Up to the week, day, hour, minute or second.


Data Consistency

By defining the relationships between data sets in different systems, your data will become more consistent across your company. After all, there is only one place for all of your data so you don’t have to go look for data to bring in to your dashboard or spreadsheet.

Faster dashboards Delivery

easy Integration

Changing or upgrading your ERP or CRM?  Adding a new data source?  With a Data Warehouse you simply add the new interfaces and phase out the old ones over time.  Keep your data flowing in parallel without down time or re-writing interfaces between aplications, use your Data Warehouse as the hub.


Historical Data

Each time your data is refreshed from the different systems, we keep a historical snapshot, available to you at any time, for comparison or to restore.  You will never lose data and you will always be able to go back in time and determine what changed over time.

Where do you want to host your data?

host it on our cloud azure server

Let us take care of everything for you. A secure and scalable database, complete with all maintenance, backup, and monitoring.

your cloud or infrastructure

You host your own SQL Server and use our cloud application to put data in there. Your database, your server wherever you want it.

Our pro tips to build your data warehouse

Our team of data experts have shared their pro tips to help you build a robust data warehouse for your business.