The ability to refresh your data up to once per minute is standard but sometimes you need it faster!

Use our API or Zapier to trigger data refreshes or our API directly to insert or update the latest rows of data - immediately!


What is Real-Time Data?

Real-time data is information that immediately available after it is collected or entered.

There is almost no delay  between the time it is created and the time it is visualized in your dashboard.


SUNNY ORANGE $0.90 $0.00
SWEET PEAR $0.75 $0.00
TOTAL $0.00

No orders today so far 🙁
Submit an order...

# of Orders 0 Last Order $0.00 Avg. Order $0.00 Total Sales $0.00


Create tables, push one row or multiple rows, update or delete rows in real time from your transaction systems.

Using our REST data endpoints you can have full control of your data sets and have your dashboards display up to the second information.

You an also use tools such as IFTTT and Zapier to bring real time data into ClicData and your dashboards.


Trigger Data Refreshes

Trigger data refreshes, full or partial data loads, from any event outside of ClicData with our data refresh API end points.

Setup your data connection and data source and trigger on-demand based on any events on your applications or user actions.

Alerts & Notifications

With the ClicData API you can build innovative web and mobile applications that provide instant notifications and alerts and display real time dashboards. You can also use the scheduler to call external APIs.


Data Push and Pull

Send Data in Real-Time (push) or trigger a Data Refresh (pull) and let ClicData bring the data in

Your choice.



Using our API endpoints you can push data from any client, application or even other integration tools such as Zapier into ClicData in real-time.

A new data row is added to an Excel or to your order system and you can immediately consult your dashboards and view the results.




If your applications can't send data via our API maybe they can notify ClicData to go get the data.  Instead of sending the data to ClicData, you will be sending an alert to us to go get the data from the different sources and refresh the dashboards.

Much easier to implement and ClicData does all the work.

Faster & better integration

The best apps work better together.

With Zapier you can create workflows between apps easily.

Trigger a data refresh in ClicData when you get a new email, or when a new lead is created, or when a invoice is generated.

The possibilities are almost endless!

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