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More Than Just Data Visualization.An ETL Platform.

Once ClicData is connected to your data sources, you’re ready to transform the data into useful information. ClicData is a powerful data warehouse, capable of enriching, cleansing, standardizing it and combine multiple data tables

Do you need a calculated column that your source data doesn’t have?
Create it in ClicData and each time your data is refreshed, the calculation is also refreshed. Or perhaps you need the data grouped a certain way?

Create the group in ClicData and it will always be refreshed and ready to be used in your dashboards.


Prepping your data for use in dashboards is not always easy. Ensuring that all your data is uniform and ready to be displayed in a table or a chart is not always straightforward and requires a lot of manual data manipulation.

ClicData makes it easy with our data standardization and cleansing features.

Our Normalize feature ensures that all your text data is in the right case without extra spaces or that your dates are not in 1899 or in 2119.

Our Standardize feature ensures that different values all converge into one, for example, “U.S.A.”, “US”, and “USA” can all be automatically changed to “United States”.


Merge & Combine Data

Do you need to match your current sales numbers with your sales targets? How about connect the budget data to the expense data? ClicData’s Data Merge feature allows you to combine data from multiple sources into a single table.

Your data merges stay in synch with the individual data sets so that you do not have to match data ever again. Just refresh each individual data source and the data merge will refresh as well. Learn more about data merges here.

Transform Data

The Data Transform feature lets you use familiar functions and formulas to create new calculated columns or to convert from one column type into another. By letting ClicData augment your data you will not have to modify your source data any longer!

Here are some of the things you can do: add calculated columns, filter data, group rows of data, change column types, pivot data rows, and more…



Collect the same data from several teams, offices, regions and collate them into one data set.  This can be done easily and automatically with our data fusion.

Data Fusion matches like data allowing each end user to keep their own data the way they want it as well as private.  You can bring it all together into one data set so that you can create meaningful and complete dashboards.

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