embedded & white label dashboards

Integrate ClicData's dashboards into your own application, portal, website, or white label your ClicData account for a seamless customer experience.


Embed White Label Dashboards in any application or website

With the white-label features, you can remove any mention of our brand and replace it with yours.
Outstand your competition with an analytics tool integrated right into your application or website.

White Label Embedded Dashboard Crm

In Your CRM System

Empower your CRM sales and service users to view custom dashboards made just for them. Give them more flexibility, more customization, and better-looking dashboards.

In Your ERP

Your ERP reporting is not the greatest right? You get what you get. Embed custom dashboards with ERP data mixed in with other data to get the most out of your system.

White Label Embedded Dashboard Erp
White Label Embedded Dashboard Portal

In Your Portal

If you use SharePoint or other software for your internal portal solution then integrating a ClicData dashboard is as easy as copy and paste.

In Your Website

Does your website need some dynamic charts? Maybe a nice indicator for the number of visitors or the number of likes? Use ClicData with our public live links and give your website an analytical look.

White Label Embedded Dashboard Website
White Label Embedded Dashboard Customer Portal

In YourCustomer Application

So you have a great cloud B2B application but you don't have the time to build a reporting module around it? Get ClicData embedded into your app via iframes and APIs and make your customers happy in your next release.

Take your customer experience to the next level

As any consultant or agency, you know how much your customers value transparency via recurring reporting. You need a solution to automatically keep them updated while staying focused on your core activities.

With ClicData's white label and embedded dashboards features, you will be able to provide self-service analytics to your customers with real-time data while keeping them in your application.

The best part is that you can build and share dashboards with all your customers yourself in just a few hours.
That's what Marketing 1BY1 did! 👇

Ready to Get Started?

Create your free account and test all ClicData's functionalities for 14 days.
Connect your data, create your dashboards in minutes and share them with your team.

Embedded Visualizations

Embedded Visualizations

Using our Live Links you can embed dynamic and interactive dashboards right into your portal, web site or web application – in seconds! Just copy and paste our “iframe” code right into your page and you are ready to serve dashboards in your application.


single sign-on (sso)

With our Active Directory connector or SAML integration you are ready to make your users’ life much easier by enabling Single Sign On. You can also use our API to synchronize users from your custom application to ClicData and vice versa.

Two Way Interactions

Two WayInteractions

Click on a chart to display data from your CRM application. Click on the Customer Name to display a dashboard of all the sales orders for that customer. 2-Way interaction is the ability to pass parameters between ClicData dashboards and your application.

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