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Our mobile apps make sure that you and your users can get to the dashboards anywhere- anytime.


Mobile.Just Like You.

Use our iPhone, iPad or Android application to view your mobile dashboard on the go.

Our dashboards are fully responsive and adapt to any size screen, in landscape or portrait,
via your mobile or public Wi-Fi, you will never be without your reports again.

Live Mobile Dashboard


with our mobile appsyou can...


  • View Dashboards
  • Filter, Zoom In and Drilldown
  • Export to PDF
  • Send by Email
  • Print Dashboards
  • AirPlay (iOS)
  • Receive Alerts
  • and more…


We are continuously adding new features to our mobile apps, both for iOS and Android.



Our apps are totally for free and available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

They are fast and lightweight, making it really simple to access all of your mobile dashboards via cellular or WIFI networks.

Did we mention that they are included for free with your ClicData subscription?


We didn't forget about the other devices.  Our Android version is compatible with both mobile and tablet devices.

As for the iOS one, you can download it right here...


Small Screen, Full Power

Mobile phones are perfect to get a few quick Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Gauges, Number and Symbol Indicators are ideal for the display size.

Simple, well designed charts and tables can also look great just make make sure your fingers don't get in the way!

With tablets, you can get a lot more visualizations in one screen.  Some of the newer tablets have big screens too and touch pens allowing for finer interactions with the dashboards.

Your dashboards will not only look great, they can be used for demos, sales calls, or meetings on the go.

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