Our dashboards can do more than just display data.

They can tell a story and delight users.

Highly Interactive Dashboards

Add drill down interactions to your charts, indicators and tables and display sub tables, other dashboards or even websites. Zoom in and out of charts, move time scales, group by months, quarters, years all in a single click.

Interactions are critical to make sure that there is a flow of information, to make them interesting to use and dynamic and to provide a navigation for your users to follow.

Clickand filter

Click on a column in a bar chart and filter the table next to it. Click on a KPI indicator and load another dashboard with more details on that indicator.

Select a row on a table and filter the entire dashboard. All easily setup from the interactions tab on each widget.

Pivot Table Example Clicdata

Drill Down & pivot Tables

With our drill-down table and pivot widgets, you can drill down into any data set while keeping the top-level summaries clean and accessible.

Our tables can load thousands of rows in just a few seconds. You can also use heatmaps and conditional formatting to make your data speak louder.


Build navigation between dashboards, dashboards and external applications or web sites, images or videos.

Navigate using menus, buttons, button groups, clicks on charts, indicators and images.

Tell a better data story by creating a path across your metrics.

User & TeamParameters

So Jane has visibility over all regions, John has visibility over one region only and Mark has visibility over another region. Do you need 3 dashboards?

Of course not, one is enough just set the users with a Region parameter and filter your charts using it. All set!

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