Transform raw data into insights quickly and easily with our drag-and-drop dashboard tool.  No installation is required!


Drag & Drop Dashboard Tool

Data is merely numbers when it lacks the right tools to extrapolate connections, meaning, and insights.
ClicData allows you to transform data into dashboards through our powerful interactive dashboard designer.
Start visualizing performance, trends, forecasts and results with charts, gauges, indicators, tables and much more.
Our drag-and-drop dashboard designer lets you create a dashboard in just a few minutes.

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Product Sales

Web Site

Profitability by Divison

Expense Forecast

Sales by Regions

Sales with Drilldown

Cash Balance

Web Site Referrals

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Many Ways ToVisualize data

Choose from an extensive library of visualization tools — we call them Widgets — to help you give voice to your data.

Design your dashboards to dazzle your team and clients with your succinct, pleasing and impactful presentations.


Beautiful Dashboards

Dashboards and reports need to be focused, highlighting areas that need to be looked at often and they need to be attractive.

Great looking dashboards get used more often, are easier to read and use and impress your users.

Well designed dashboards are critical to identify patterns and outliers and quickly access the information you need.

Bring your data to life, instantly


Auto refresh

Your dashboard is automatically refreshed when data is added, deleted, or updated. ClicData monitors all data sources and refreshes any connected dashboard.


Fully interactive

Your data is immediately accessible in your dashboards for all users to see. You can zoom in, filter, or drill down to sharpen your performance analysis. Spice up your meetings with interactive visualizations.


100% custom

Customize the look and feel of all your dashboards. Follow your company or customer branding identity and personalize fonts, colors, background, and more.

Create your dashboards in minutes

You're one click away to turn your data into meaningful insights with our dashboard tool.

Start your free trial and get your dashboards up and running by the end of the day.

Our expert tips to build meaningful dashboards

We offer more than an intuitive dashboard tool. Our Product Specialists and BI Experts also provide practical advice and industry best practices to help you build actionable KPIs and dashboards.

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