Keep your data and dashboards secure by making them visible to specific users and teams.


simple yet efficient user management

With ClicData, you control your team or organization’s access to data, folders, reports and dashboards. You can assign Roles and Permissions to each individual users or teams.

Create users for your team and your clients. Add and maintain your users directly in ClicData or import entire user lists or use our API to synchronize user security with LDAP and Active Directory.

User Security

User Security

Viewer licences are ideal for users that will only need read only access to the dashboards and will never manage data or advanced features. Editor licences allow for connecting data and creating and editing dashboards.


Team Security

Organize your users into teams and set access rights for the entire group making it much easier to manage. Move users between teams to immediately assign different data and dashboards visibility.

Two Way Interactions

User &Team Parameters

Parameters automatically filter the data on each dashboard for the user depending on the team they belong to. They focus on the insights that are most relevant to them and don't get to see other user's data.

ClicData's Tutorial

Some data is not to be seen by everyone. Let's say you're managing regional sales teams, and you would like to share sales stats and KPIs with the US East Coast team only.

That's possible with ClicData!

Allow us to guide you through this sweet, short, and simple tutorial on how to use conditional visibility to keep your team focused on their data.

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