Keep all your business data safe thanks to our advanced security capabilities.


Advanced Security For Your Business Data

Security of your data and dashboards is critical for everyone.
Our advanced security features allow you to customize your policies to match
your corporate standards and even integrate with your identity provider.


Single Sign-On(SSO)

Centralize your security in one place and make it easy for all your users to use the same username and password with Single Sign-On. Our SAML or Direct Active Directory options make it easy to implement this time saving and secure module.



Use your mobile to gain access to ClicData and ensure that nobody else can access your account. With two-factor authentication you get an extra layer of authentication in addition to your username and password.


Activity Tracking

Keep track of who does what when, what dashboards are viewed and which ones are not. View access by IP address, date/time and action. Use our IP WhiteListing capability to only allow certain ranges of IP addresses to access your dashboards or the application.

Ready To Get Started?

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A Simple and Secure REST based API

The simplicity and power of ClicData extends to our API. If you are a developer, you are going to love
working with our API to create innovative applications, faster interfaces, and extend your UI
to include dashboards. Our online API reference includes everything you need
to get started, even an endpoint playground.