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Looking for a feature-rich BI platform you could access anywhere and has everything you need? 

Whether you’re a company executive who needs an easy command of automated reporting, or a BI consultant wanting to set up easy-to-use dashboards for your clients, ClicData Premium takes you there and beyond.

A Whole New World of Business Intelligence

ClicData Premium gives you the power and flexibility you are seeking in a dashboard and reporting tool for your company. Our Premium Plan includes the best ClicData has to offer:

  • 10 users (up to 100 max.)
  • 5 GB of storage
  • Access to most Connectors
  • Directly Connect to your Local Databases
  • 5,000 data source refreshes per month

“I’ve been continually impressed at the depth of features available in the ClicData platform. It rivals the capabilities of the leading enterprise offerings. Their support team is also highly responsive and a pleasure to work with!”

Director of Operations, Seed & Spark

High Performance Visualization and Automated Refresh

With ClicData Premium, you have full access to all of the ClicData Widgets that make data visualization so easy and so effective.

Once your dashboards are up and running, just select the dates and times for your data refresh and ClicData does the rest. You can also connect your local databases to directly feed your dashboards.

Advanced Dashboards & Data Management Features

The advanced features in our Premium plan are usually only found in high-end, expensive software. As a Premium customer, you’ll get features like data connectors, automated data merges and transformations, intelligent data update engines, personalized portal access, sophisticated report-sharing, increased capacity, speed, and much, much more.

Your Own Company Portal & Sharing Center.

With ClicData Premium, you get your own business intelligence portal: a private, customizable ClicData portal for your users to log into.

  • Create groups of users within your company
  • Set sharing parameters
  • Access permissions
  • Manage frequency of your report generation
  • Dashboards are sent to your viewers and refreshed automatically with our Sharing Center

API Services

As a Premium customer, you can use ClicData API services to connect directly to your applications and data sources stored in your ClicData warehouse. Enhance your applications easily like never before. You’ll get 5,000 requests per month to get started, all the way up to 15,000 requests per month. But if that’s not enough, let us know and we’ll do what we can to serve your needs.

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