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Are you fed up with the limitations of Excel?

If you want a better way to crunch the numbers, see trends, manage your KPIs, organize your reports, or inform and motivate your employees, clients or managers, ClicData is the tool for you!

Rise to the next level of BI tools

ClicData Personal gives you our powerful dashboarding and reporting software for yourself or your one-person company.

Get online storage plus the possibility to connect your local data sources, so you can upload thousands of Excel or CSV files to quickly and easily analyze, summarize and strategize with your data. Get started today and you’ll have advanced reporting in no time.

High Performance Visualization and Data Refresh

With ClicData , you have full access to all of the Widgets that make data visualization so easy and so effective. Once your dashboards are up and running, just hit the Refresh button and your dashboards and reports will automatically update. No need to manually update your reports again. You’ll save so much time!

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Start your free trial and unleash the capabilities of ClicData. You’ll get:

  • a wide variety of data connectors
  • automated data merges and transformations
  • intelligent data refresh engine
  • personalized portal access
  • advanced reports sharing capabilities
  • premium support
  • increased capacity, super speed and much more!

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