on-premise hosting

You need to hold the keys to the database.
After all, you are the one responsible for the data and
you already have your own servers on-premise or on your own cloud.
No worries, we got you.

host on yourinfrastructure

You already have your servers and network, why not use it?

Install SQL Server and configure it to your performance requirements.

Clicdata On Premise Infrastructure
Private Cloud Hosting

host on your private cloud

You can host your server on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OVH, or any other provider that can host SQL Server.

your server, your database

ClicData will work with SQL Server 2019 only so you have to have a Standard or Enterprise license of ClicData on your server.

Sql Server
Configure Connect On Premise Database

configure & connect in a few steps

Work with our operations teams to get it connected to our application and you are ready to go!

Would like to host your own data warehouse?

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