Get even more
with Dedicated

Big Data?  No Problem.  Dedicate some serious database power to process your data with your own set of servers.


Consistent and predictable performance.


Enterprise Dedicated Plans come with a dedicated licensed data warehouse and data lake storage only for your account and your users.  Additional hardware is attached to ensure your data processing is done without interruption or delay in a consistent manner.


Connect directly to the data warehouse.


Enterprise plans give you instant and direct access to your data using third-party tools or programming languages. Read data using straight ODBC or SQL Server/Azure drivers.


Scale up or down your storage capacity and computing power.


Need hundreds of GB of storage up to 100 TB? No problem, we got you covered.

Our Hosted Dedicated plans give you a full database with up to 4 TB of compressed data.

Use Azure Synapse and scale up to 100 TB and super fast analytics.


Dedicated task processor for all your tasks.


You get your Worker applications dedicated to your tasks. From data refreshes to sending alerts, your tasks get queued up and processed by a dedicated worker assigned to your account.

Need more tasks processed in parallel? Get additional workers or cores.


Host and process your data in the data center closest to you.


We understand that having your data in your country or as close to your business as possible is a must-have.  That is why our Enterprise plan can be hosted for you in over 15 countries.


Add more cores, more storage, more memory.


Need a few more cores? Some more Terabytes? Want to add servers to process more tasks? Have a few thousand more users? Configure your servers to process more and faster within minutes.

Powerful Analytics

azure db

Azure SQL DB

Azure SQL Database is a robust and high-performance database service that offers exceptional scalability and availability. Its impressive power lies in its ability to handle demanding workloads with low latency while also excelling in the realm of analytics, offering robust performance and scalability for data-driven insights.

azure synapse

Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is a powerful and high-performance analytics service that seamlessly integrates data warehousing and big data analytics. Its ability to process vast amounts of data at lightning speed, coupled with its advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, empowers organizations to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with unmatched efficiency.

We host it. You host it.

Fully Managed

Using Microsoft Azure, we can host your database in over 8 countries, fully managed, fully secured.

With high availability built in with read replicas, daily backups, close proximity to our application, this is your best bet if you don't want to worry about maintaining and securing your database.

On Premise

We get it.  Sometimes you need to hold the keys.  No worries, get your own Synapse or SQL DB in place and we will connect to it.  

The data stays secured in your premise or cloud provider and our app will make sure that all data is stored in your database.


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Connect with our in-house technical experts and choose the right configuration for your project.