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Working in a small or medium business?

If you feel you are wasting too much time crunching those numbers for your weekly company reports and you would rather focus on the analysis, ClicData is the solution for you!

Basic Plan

Enter the New Age of BI

ClicData Basic gives you wide-ranging, powerful dashboard and reporting tools so you can quickly analyze data, see trends, customize reports – in an instant. The BASIC plan includes all the essential features you’ll need to create exceptional dashboards and much more!

  • 1 GB of storage
  • Connectivity to the main cloud connectors
  • 1,000 data source refreshes per month
  • 5 users included
  • Basic Support Plan

Stop crunching numbers the old fashioned way and take your reporting tools to the next level!

“My job is about finding data patterns and addressing them, plus getting more insights on current customers behavior trends. ClicData has helped me do exactly that in the most fast, efficient and adaptable way possible.”

Database Administrator/Analyst, Property Management

High Performance Visualization and Automated Data Refresh

With ClicData Basic, your access to ClicData widgets is limitless. Enjoy all of the capabilities of the ClicData visualization engine and get cracking on analyzing your numbers.

Once you’ve set up your dashboard, just schedule your refresh dates and times and let ClicData take care of the rest.

Advanced Dashboards & Data Management Features.

As a patron of ClicData, you will get access to advanced features such as ETL capabilities such as Automated Data merges and transformation, intelligent data update engine, personalized portal access, advanced reports sharing capabilities, increased capacity, speed and much much more!

All those features are usually behind very expensive software, but at ClicData, it’s only a few dollars a month.

Your Very Own Company Portal & Sharing Center.

With ClicData Basic, you get your own business intelligence portal: a private, customizable ClicData portal for your users to log into.

  • Create groups of users within your company
  • Access permissions
  • Manage frequency of your report generation
  • Dashboards are sent to your viewers and refreshed automatically with our Sharing Center.

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