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Our partners are experts in their industry.  They solve problems, develop point solutions and train their customers on being more efficient and better at their work.  Add our BI platform to your offering, white label it to make it your own and win more deals.


ClicData Affiliate Partners

You recommend and sell software to a customer, an industry, in your region or across the globe.
Add ClicData to your offering and earn commission
on deals and maintain a long-term annuity stream.


you are a reseller

You're a Value-Added Reseller and you'd like to add a Business Intelligence Solution to your offering?
Become a ClicData's Affiliate Partner and broaden your field of expertise.


you are a consultant

You're specialised in IT or Business Management projects? Add ClicData to your list of Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Data Management tools to recommend.


you arean msp

Increase your MRR by adding ClicData Business Intelligence and data management solution to your offerings. Extend your domain of expertise with a powerful data analytics software.

Your Clients Deserve The Best

Together we enable decision makers and business users to easily connect to their most relevant data,
collaborate around that data in one intuitive platform, and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Grow your business by including ClicData in your list of preferred SaaS applications.
Recommend, integrate or develop – up to you on how to partner.

You can...

  • Attract more business with your own custom data reporting package
  • Seamlessly embed self-service analytics into your applications
  • Equip your firm to solve your clients’ BI business challenges
  • Build a set of dashboards “templates” that you can customize with each clients’ data
  • Earn attractive recurring commission

Our Support...

  • Access to our documentation center full of training assets
  • Our product specialists at your disposal for priority support
  • VIP Notification on new releases and features
  • Additional viewer licenses for demo and proof of concept purposes
  • A dedicated page on our website
  • A blog to announce our collaboration

Partner Spotlight


Implement Faster with BrainSell

BrainSell helps businesses scale with process & technology
Their expertise is in implementing CRM, ERP and BI solutions for their customers in an agile and efficient way and this is why we are delighted they have selected ClicData as their got BI tool.

That is why they are the #1 SugarCRM partner worldwide.


Implement Faster with Factor8

Factor 8 is an award-winning training and consulting company focusing 100% on making Digital sales teams successful. Factor8 is a team of expert Sales leaders who have made the calls, managed the teams, they get the struggle. Factor8 is the premier sales consulting team who knows how to blend all things digital and inside sales for award winning success.


Help Organizations Navigate Success

Nolan Mackenzie Development LLC is a dynamic management consulting firm with over 17 years of experience leading major government and commercial programs that cuts across functional domains within Defense, Healthcare, Social Services, Financial and Transportation industries


Share, analyze, and use your data

Healthjump is a secure health data exchange that connects large practices, health systems and technology organizations who need to share patient data in order to successfully transition to value based payment models. Healthjump is an Authorized ClicData Affiliate Partner since 2019.

Partner Portal

Access to the ClicData Partner portal is restricted to registered partners only and subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.