KPI template

Think of a KPI template as a KPI report example. Instead of starting from the blank page, KPI template show you what indicators could be relevant for your particular business area. Performance indicators can be quite specific depending on which department you work in.

A KPI template for production will focus on providing the production director with indicators measuring quality compliance and production efficiency while a KPI template for marketing will rather focus on tracking campaign results and impact on revenue. KPI template for IT will help IT directors watch their support performance with ticket treatment time or the project’s completion progress while KPI template for sales will include performance indicators such as pipeline conversion rates and sales efficiency.

KPI template with Excel

KPI template with Excel

Each KPI template doc needs to be created with the end user in mind. The question is what are the indicators that will help the user understand if he is doing the right thing or not: are my sales reps visiting or calling the right prospects, are my campaigns driving the right traffic and bringing enough good leads to the sales team, is my project reaching the key milestones on time and are the resources allocated properly etc… KPI template are often first drafted in Excel. Excel KPI templates can be a good draft or a more robust and automated KPI template as it forces the user to think hard about what he wants to measure in a software environment that he is familiar with.

KPI templates are meant to give indicator idea to the managers. Free Excel dashboard templates and are provided by a lot of software, from CRM to ERP to Project Management tools (Sharepoint KPI template are also quite common). These types of data indeed need to be displayed in reports to give some sense of the business performance that is been accomplished. It a great place to start even if the visualization options are limited and each graph only shows one type of data at a time.

KPI template with ClicData

KPI template with ClicData

At some point each manager is going to want dashboards, scorecards and reports where data from different sources can be laid out. That is what a BI platform such as ClicData makes sense as it not only includes a large set of data visualization options but also features that will help the users with data management features such as data merges and the inclusion of formulas and rates. Key performance metrics require to source data in different places. For example, Marketing and Sales manager like to measure the impact of their activities on the revenue generation. To obtain that KPI, they will need to merge data coming from their campaign stats tool such as Google Analytics and their CRM and then cross it with the sales data usually stored in the invoicing system.

ClicData offers free KPI dashboard templates to every new user as part of the welcome box. The ClicData Welcome box is the first thing a user sees the first time he connects to the ClicData Dashboard application. It includes direct accesses to the examples template library, the video tutorials and the set of data connectors to get started including excel and how to use scorecards.

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Great and easy to use. Using ClicData has been a fantastic experience, the dashboards have been easy to create with great technical support if needed. We have also requested new features in the past which ClicData have implemented. Brilliant Platform. Brilliant Support.