How to create Sales KPI

Every sales manager needs a set of Sales KPIs. That is the only way to make sure that your sales activities are well targeted and effective. This is particularly important when a sales team is in place as sales reps would like to know how they are doing and whether their action is paying off over time…especially if part of their revenue includes a commission! How to create sales kpi is one question but how to improve sales kpi is the most interesting one. Having sales KPI metrics just for the sake of showing indicators to your managers is not quite relevant. What matters is how the sales team will be able to use them and progress. A wise selection of sales KPIs can help each sales team focus on the right things. That’s what sales KPI templates are for.

Sales KPI reporting is a consolidated view of sales force effectiveness that can be shared with the sales team for collective improvement. It usually start with the CRM reporting module which will usually include a large set of standard measurements. For each period, the CRM will show the statistics related to the contact profiles and sales rep activities and process. For contacts coming directly from your website, some CRM might even include interesting metrics such as which website each contact came from.
There is no magic sales kpi formula but a more solid Business intelligence platform can certainly help mixing the data coming from your CRM with data coming from your invoicing system. Such merge will give the sales manager the ability to track the impact of the reps activities on the sales total.

Sales KPI list

Sales KPI list

A sales KPI report template can be really useful to implement sales KPIs in your organization. A template includes a list of the relevant KPIs from which you can easily pick and choose the performance indicators that make most sense to your particular sales organization.

Here is the essential sales KPI list that each sales director will want to keep an eye on:

  • Reps activities: number of contact, number of calls, conversion from contact to lead, conversation from lead to client for a given period and for each sales rep.
  • Overall pipeline progress: total number of leads, total number of opportunities, total number of deals won and lost.
  • Sales performance impact on revenue: sales ROI for each product, sales ROI per region.
Sales KPI template

Sales KPI template

Critical sales KPI are included in sales KPI templates to make sales director’s life easier when they decide to advance with Sales KPI reporting. For the templates to work, sales professionals first need to define sales KPI targets. The report will then be able to show sales actuals against budget and sales reps performance against the planned activities.

Sales kpi dashboard are usually more adapted than sales kpi reports as they provide a more dynamic view of the indicators progress over time.

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