Business KPI

KPI metrics are essentially the expression of business performance. The key to this process is to first establish clear goals against which KPI metrics will compare overtime. While the business goal servers as the benchmark, the KPI metrics will reflect reality. How to define kpi metrics? Every manager needs to think hard about what Business KPI will help them control their cost and accelerate business growth.

KPI metrics for quality will for example allow decision makers to evaluate compliance to quality standards month after month. This type of reports will include indicators such as kpi metrics for incident management. Consolidating Business KPI across the organization is an important step as metrics for one team may impact or explain results of another team. In this particular example, KPI metric for quality may be intertwined with kpi metrics for customer service as the pressure on customer service will increase as the product or service quality decreases.

Management KPI

Management KPI

Every CEO dreams of turning into Tom Cruise in the movie Minority report and master management KPI across all business units on large plasma screens directly from their office. In reality they will call for a steering committee and gather their directors on a weekly basis to define and review key performance indicators.

Core of this frequent meeting is to go over the kpi metrics for finances and kpi metrics for operations and make sure that the actuals are matching the budget. Any major deviation can be spotted and analyzed right on the spot.

Management KPI are could be divided in those categories :

  • Financial KPI : Those are the numbers that you’ll want to follow closely, they’ll show you how close you are to you budget goals.
  • Project management KPI : Those KPI help you understand how things are moving withing your company. Are your teams meeting their deadline ?
  • HR KPI : Is your team happy and efficient ? How is your turnover ? Do you respect the parity ?

Some business will have more specific needs such as Telecom KPI, agency KPI or Retail KPI.

Management KPI

Marketing KPI

There is a great number marketing KPI which are relevant while handling marketing of a product or a service successfully. Marketing’s main goal is to provide the sales team with leads and nurture these leads overtime with the right information until conversion into customer (you can track those with sales KPI)
Business KPI metrics for marketing include all marketing activities around acquisition such as:

  • Through the web: Unique visitors per channel, conversion rate per channel, most effective landing pages, time spent on the page.
  • Through events: number of registrations, number of attendees, conversion rate to a lead.
  • Through partners: number of new opportunities per territory.

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