KPI efficiency

KPI are implemented in an organization to improve the business performance. As such each indicator must be defined and pushed carefully as it is meant to measure the progress of every part of a company. How can we be sure to choose the right KPI that will truly reflect the enterprise effectiveness? In other words, how to measure KPI efficiency and make a coherent KPI analysis? Metrics need to relate to business objectives. If we are looking at project management, KPI efficiency will be measured against the number of projects released on time. If we are talking about marketing KPI efficiency, it will have to do with the ROI of each marketing campaign.

Looking at the bigger picture, business performance could possibly be reflected by the KPI operational efficiency and the KPI process efficiency. Is everything produced on time with the right quality, to the right customers, with the right message and is that done in the most efficient way possible.

How to measure efficiency kpi

How to measure KPI efficiency

If the performance data is collected efficiently, the KPI efficiency can be tracked at every department level. For example in the Human Resources team, indicators can be defined to evaluate the quality of the recruitment, the training and management. How to measure the HR KPI efficiency?

For the recruitment KPI efficiency, indicators will track the recruitment performance against the staffing need for each team in the company. A completion ratio for each team will reflect the recruitment efficiency. It could be completed by a turnover indicator to ensure that the rights profiles have been recruited.
For training KPI efficiency, we will be looking at skills development for each team upon objectives. If the training is good, an indicator on the team overall performance could also be included to show the impact on the given team production and quality of the output.

In the case of the KPI supply chain efficiency, indicators will measure other business aspects such as the inventory level and the production quality through back order rates and rates of return.

KPI for efficiency

KPI for efficiency

Key Performance Indicators are by definition meant to show an organization efficiency. The key is to set the correct metrics and to have the right solution to show the performance data effectively. For that, each team needs to have the ability to pull all the data relevant to their own particular business objective and visualize it a way that trends and learnings are relevant and applicable.

For example, kpi efficiency for effective project management will account for the project planning, resources allocation and key milestones achievements. In project management, efficiency will also process qualitative data such as internal customer satisfaction and services quality.

KPI efficiency is great if the chosen indicators reflect the overall performance of an enterprise properly. If the business improves, there is a good chance the reporting in place works efficiently by feeding each manager with the indicators that they need to perform.

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