Connect Data

Your data is everywhere! In spreadsheets, applications, and databases. In your computer, in your network and in the internet. Bring it all together with ClicData and built a data warehouse with your most important data and metrics.

We connect to hundreds of applications, databases, and file types using our smart connectors. Connect your data to your dashboards in a few simple clicks.

ClicData smart connectors

Connect all of your data — no matter where it is.
We have connectors to a wide variety of files, applications and databases.

Spreadsheets and Files

Simply drag and drop Excel and flat files from your desktop directly to ClicData and you are ready to go. If you’re spending time with pivot tables in Excel, connect to ClicData instead, and take your analysis to a whole other level.

Just connect your files directly from your favorite Cloud storage and ClicData will take care of automating the data refreshes for you! We can connect to most cloud storage providers.

  • Dropbox


  • Box


  • <

    Google Drive

  • OneDrive


  • OneDrive Business

    OneDrive Business

  • RSS

    Web (HTTP)

  • Box


  • Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

  • Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

Business Applications

Your CRM application is filled with precious data. Are you able to extract it out and compare it to your objectives? Use our Salesforce or Hubspot connectors to get started right away. Or how about your projects in Basecamp and Smartsheet? Are you able to keep everyone up to date on the status of each project? Our smart business application connectors makes extracting the data a breeze.

  • Salesforce


  • SugarCRM


  • Basecamp


  • Smartsheet


  • QuickBooks


  • NetSuite


  • MongoDB


  • SQL Server


  • SQL Server


  • SurveyMonkey


  • Xero


  • Zendesk


Web and Social Platforms

Measure your company’s social ranking and web site stats with our Google Analytics connectors, Facebook and Twitter. Our easy to use, wizard like connectors can connect your metrics to your dashboards in just a few minutes.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

  • Twitter


  • Facebook


  • Bing Ads

    Bing Ads
    (Coming Soon)

  • Google AdWords

    Google AdWords

  • YouTube Analytics

    YouTube Analytics

  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads

  • Kochava


Relational Databases and Big Data

If you have a Terabyte sized database in Google Big Query or MongoDB and you want to bring some grouped data into a dashboard then here you will find some Big Data connectors. With our Data Loader application you can connect to behind the firewall databases without sacrificing security.

  • MongoDB


  • PostgreSQL


  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

  • Oracle


  • MySQL


  • Access


  • Maria DB

    Maria DB

  • Maria DB

    Big Query

  • ODBC


  • Amazon Dynamo DB

    Dynamo DB

  • Amazon Aurora

    Amazon Aurora

  • Percona


  • Amazon RedShift

    Amazon RedShift

  • Apache Cassandra

    Apache Cassandra

Web Services

Our generic web service connectors are ideal to connect to any type of application or service that supports REST based web services supporting both JSON and XML. OData and RSS feeds are also handy to bring up to the minute data from syndicated data suppliers.

  • REST


  • SOAP


  • OData


  • RSS

    RSS Feeds

Other Connectors

With our Web Service connector you can connect to Podio, Wufoo, Insightly, AgileCRM, OpenCRM, Intercom, ServiceNow, Instagram, FourSquare, AirCall, Visual Studio Team Foundation Services, ConstantContact and more…

Other Connectors
Other Connectors

With Zapier you can automate data workflows in ClicData.

With more than 750 apps, Zapier connects more web apps than anyone else and they add new options every week.

With the Zapier simple and easy to use editor, you can start creating uour own automations in no time.

See some of the ClicData automations here.

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Your data is safely stored in data centers, maintained and monitored by a leading global hosting and infrastructure provider. Only you and the people to whom you give permission have access to it.

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