Dashboard Designer

Data is merely numbers when it lacks the right tools to extrapolate connections, meaning, and insights. ClicData allows you to transform data into dashboards through our powerful interactive dashboard designer. Start visualizing performance, trends, forecasts and results with charts, gauges, indicators, tables and much more.

Our drag-and-drop dashboard designer lets you create a dashboard in just a few minutes.

ClicData Dashboard Editor

Visualize Your Data

Choose from an extensive library of visualization tools — we call them Widgets — to help you give voice to your data. Design your dashboards to dazzle your team and clients with your succinct, pleasing and impactful presentations.
  • Tables


  • Charts


  • Gauges


  • Indicators


  • Specialty Charts

    Specialty Charts

  • Images


  • Audio & Video

    Audio & Video

  • Infographics


  • Text


  • Annotations


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Take a peek at some dashboards developed for several industries like Retail, Finance, Marketing, and Education.
Auto Refresh Dashboards


Your dashboard is automatically refreshed when data is added, deleted or updated. ClicData monitors all data sources and refreshes any connected dashboard.
Interactive Dashboards

Interact Immediately

ClicData makes your data accessible in the time it takes to click the screen. You can zoom in, filter or drill down to see what you need to see.
Style Dashboards


Customize the look and feel of all your dashboards. Follow your company or customer branding identity and personalize fonts, colors, background and more.

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