Schedules and Alerts

Automatic data refreshes, publications of dashboards, alerts based on data, all this is included in ClicData. Keep your data up to date or be alerted when certain conditions are met, our automation functionality is made to simplify your work and optimize your company’s processes.
ClicData Datawarehouse Automation
Automatic data refreshes

Data Automation

Set it and forget it. Our data automation guarantees that you have always the latest data from all your sources, refreshed regularly. Every week, day or even every minute!
Export dashboard data

Dashboard Refreshes

If your data is refreshed, your dashboards are refreshed. It is a simple as that or optionally you can set specific schedules to publish your dashboards to your team, clients and partners.
Dashboard alerts


Alerts allow you to receive a notification when milestones are met, when performance deviates from expectations. Send alerts to yourself or your team and never miss key events.

Ready to get started?

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ClicData Mobile Sales Dashboard

Looking for a mobile dashboard solution?

With ClicData mobile available for iOS you can access and share your dashboards from anywhere! You also receive instant alerts with attached dashboards.