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Grand Prix Season Statistics

Connected to the API, ClicData extracts live data for all F1 races - with podium positions, driver stats, team stats and displays the information on a interactive easy dashboard. Access the dashboard to see who won the last race, upcoming races and Team Stadings.

MLB - Season Standing

How's your favourite BaseBall team doing? How's their group standing and their past results? Using ClicData, the team has created a live dashboard to track match progresses - how many games did you team win, how's their performance at Home Games and Away Games.

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Valentine's Day Dashboard

Valentine's Day by the numbers! Check what gifts are preferred and how much people are willing to spend on Valentine's Day. Access the dashboard and fall in love with ClicData!

Fifa World Cup - Quick Statistics

Looking for statistics on FIFA World Cup? Access this dashboard and see a quick overview by year or country on who won the World Cup. Get in-depth analysis on how many teams played every 4 years, how many goals were scored and how many matches were played.

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