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Some examples of how ClicData helps organizations make sense of their data and enhance their performance.
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Monitor Production Efficiency

Track the efficiency of your manufacturing process and provide insights to both management and operators in order to reach production goals.

Actuals against Budget

Actively compare your current operations with your budget to identify faster necessary adjustments in resource allocation and timelines across the organization.

Team Productivity and Satisfaction

Support team leaders in developing their employees’ skills and measure the impacts on their performance and personal growth.

Hiring Progress and Profile Analysis

Report the progress of your hiring activities to your customers by sharing a dynamic view of your candidate profiling and interview results.

CSR Policies Execution

Communicate effectively your progress in implementing sustainability programs and diversity & inclusion policies in your organizations.

Student Performance Reporting

Saving precious admin time issuing individual reports for hundreds of students in multiple schools across multiple facilities and specialties.

Academic recruiting and profiling

Optimize your recruiting process by profiling your candidates against your admission criteria and streamlining your advertising channels and interviewing process accordingly

Continuous Education Performance

Provide your customers with interactive reports to allow them to monitor the impact of your training programs on the development of their teams.

Project progress and performance

Track your production milestones to stay on target for your project deliverables and measure the efficiency of your support and development teams to pinpoint the areas that can be improved.

Integrated Business Intelligence

Complete your software suite with a top of line Business Intelligence platform and save some previous development time for other core features of your offering.

Application Data Hub

If your platform consists of multiple applications, and modules, made by you or via acquisitions, a data hub is critical to ensure faster integration and better reporting.

Sales Team Management

Monitor the sales team performance with real-time reports on each sales rep productivity to allocate training resources efficiently and showcase sales victories.

Sales Opportunity Reviews

Track your sales funnel progress by territory and by product lines and be notified on critical conversion steps during your key accounts acquisition journey

Budgeting and Forecasting

Monitor your sales overtime and create forecasting scenarios based on your market seasonality and historical track records to make your revenue projections more reliable.

Collaboration & On-time deliveries

Ensure a timely and cost efficient completion of your projects with optimized resources allocation and visual planning to mobilize project participants.

Embedded Analytics

Provide your customers with an exceptional data driven experience regardless of their environment (Mac, Windows, Mobile), positioning your Consulting & Advisory services as a complete solution.

Operations Efficiency

Monitor all of your operations to improve the quality of care delivery across all specialties and the overall financial performance of your healthcare organization.

Analytical Financial Performance

Get an accurate picture of your financial health to assess your progress against budget, alert your management and teams to adjust plans accordingly.

Live Implementation Updates

Provide your customers with a clear view of the progress of your technical implementations and make your services that much more accessible with transparent communication.

Financial Performance Tracking

Enhance the delivery of your financial recommendations by helping your customers track their financial performance with interactive reports.

Embedded Financial Analytics

Provide your customers with an exceptional data-driven experience regardless of their environment positioning your Consulting & Advisory services as a complete solution.

Global account consolidation

Enhance the delivery of your financial reports by streamlining the inputs from the local teams and making your financial analytics more interactive and visual

Realtime P&L & Balances

Complement your accounting activities with timely interactive reports and automated alerts to help business leaders adjust their trajectory accordingly.

Building visual predictive analytics

Make the results produced by your algorithms more understandable to ensure the right business application of your predictive analysis.

Data aggregation efficiency

Improve your delivery time by building your data pipeline and automating the data transformations required for your data analysis.

Building reliable insights and forecasting

Combine data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth that business users can rely on.

Customer profiling & segmentation

Focus your marketing efforts on the segments that matter by deepening your understanding of the market and your current customers' behaviors.

Survey Results & Sentiment Analysis

Evaluate the perception of your product and services alongside your customer satisfaction across all channels involved in your customer journey.

Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

Monitor the quality of your Inbound & Outbound efforts by tracking your acquisition channels' performance.

Facility and Location Management

Monitor your facilities performance in real time and improve your day-to-day operations by keeping an eye on the occupancy rate against your targets.

Integrated Business Intelligence

Complete your hospitality software suite with top of the line BI platform and save some previous development time for other core features of your offering.

Customer experience tracking

Improve the quality of your customer service and overall customer experience during their stay or event participation at your facility by tracking their satisfaction efficiently

Embedded Marketing Analytics

Provide your customers with a data-driven experience regardless of their environment positioning your Marketing & Advertising services as an end-to-end solution.

Campaign Performance Tracker

Share the progress of marketing and advertising campaigns with your customers and be alerted of significant events to amplify or stop keywords, messages and channels.

Consolidated and up-to-date product performance analysis

Go beyond sales reporting with a complete view of all your product performance, profitability, and marketing ROI in a single place.

Optimized pricing and inventory analytics

In an ideal world, you would be able to forecast demand, manage product inventory and adjust pricing with precision to increase margins and profit. Welcome to this world.

Customer acquisition and engagement analysis

Get the big picture of your marketing activities performance and dive into the details of what brings your new customers and revenue – and what’s not.

Optimized distribution channel performance analysis

Compare the progress against budget and ROI between distribution channels. Get more information on how your customers respond to your CRM effort and what triggers orders.

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