Our Culture

What does life look like at ClicData?


What drives us day-in, day-out.

think big

Think big

Think big:

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult”


smart excellence

Smart Excellence

Smart Excellence:

“Don’t count the days.
Make the days count”

Muhammad Ali

better together

Better together

Better together:

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”

Napoleon Hill

What do our Data Nerds say about ClicData?


Data Nerds - you guessed it - are our ClicData people.

Working with the team at ClicData is delightful, there is hardly a dull moment at work and there’s always something to learn! ClicData knows how to be agile, how to be lean and while doing all that, delivers an amazing experience and work culture. Once you are at ClicData, you will simply enjoy being part of the group and make the most of it.


ClicData is kind of my first baby. I started building it 10 years ago with a bunch of buddies. I love seeing how it evolves day after day and I look forward to building new features!


You’ve heard of the “friendly” competition between marketing and sales in tech companies. There’s no such thing at ClicData. Marketing and Sales work together towards the same goals, egos put aside, creating an exciting environment where everyone has the freedom and space to bring new ideas to the table. The feeling of building something together while learning something new every day is what keeps me as motivated as the day I joined the team 4 years ago.


Working at ClicData has been an exciting journey from day 1. Every team and person are involved and engaged in getting the product better and making our users happy. The collaboration is always efficient, constructive, and supportive, across teams and continents.
I’m very proud of our platform and love help growing it with every release.


The culture and tone are set from the top down, and that there are always a team of experts willing to help out (there isn’t a lot of passing the buck to someone else).  In my experience from working in other places, that sticks out to me. The people all around are just fun to work with and try our best to lift each other up.


I have never worked at a company before where genuinely everyone cares for one another and is thoughtful in doing so globally. Other companies I have worked for say that (many companies do), but I have found the ClicData culture means this through their actions. It truly is an amazing culture.


ClicData is a wonderful company to work with, people are all welcoming which creates a comfortable environment for new hires. Something I really appreciate about ClicData is team collaboration and international cultures. Everyone is incredibly supportive and willing to help, making it a pleasant place to work. Management is considerate about employees’ growth in the company. I believe that they treat everyone with equal amount of respect, as we would want to be treated.


It’s always pleasant to go to work every morning knowing that you will be surrounded by talented people that will put their heart in the project. That makes easier to invest time yourself and give the best of yourself!


Data Nerds love to get together

Punta Cana, Marrakesh, Lisbon, wherever. There's nowhere on Earth we wouldn't be excited to be together.


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