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How Financial Departments and Consultants Use Business Intelligence Analytics

sales pipeline metrics to track

5 Sales Pipeline Metrics You Should Be Checking for Growth

Understanding your sales pipeline is a fundamental process for business growth. Besides tracking revenue and other apparent success indicators, managing your pipeline accounts for less visible metrics like leads who are stuck in your sales cycle or have fallen off the wagon.  Without a firm understanding of what exactly constitutes growth in your funnel, you…

Lead Generation

8 strategies for strong sales and lead generation

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, but no one ever said attracting them was easy. Research shows that 68% of businesses struggle to generate leads and it’s no wonder why.  To successfully attract a lead, you need to identify their needs, work out how to sell to them, and build their desire for your…

Lead Performance Tracking

Enhanced Lead Performance Tracking with Sales & Marketing Data Combined

Sales and marketing are invariably interdependent. The sales team needs the marketing team to attract new leads and keep current customers engaged with high-quality content. Marketing needs sales’ insights and intelligence to adjust their campaigns, messaging, and targeting in order to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Aligning the strategies of the two…

Data Driven Sales Team Are More Advantageous

Why Data-Driven Sales Teams Are So Advantageous

Modern business is a numbers game where sales managers carefully monitor activities and analyze the behavior of their prospects. According to the report, as much as 90% of companies already use two or more lead enrichment tools to learn more about prospects. If you still haven’t adopted the state of the art sales platforms, you…

Sales Kpis For Saas Companies

Top 7 Sales KPIs for SaaS Companies

Along with your marketing KPIs and financial metrics, sales performance indicators are essential metrics for you to effectively monitor the success of your SaaS business. Beyond helping you stay on top of your overall business performance, they can help you leverage your most productive assets as well as identify issues in the sales process before…

Value Of Remote Communications

The Value of Remote Communications

As the events of the first half of 2020 play out, most of us are working partially or entirely from home. A lot of us are not sure if we will be back in cubicles anytime soon. Business owners and leaders grapple with new (and some recycled) ideas about working remotely. Maybe we could all…

7 Marketing Initiatives Subscription Based Businesses

7 Marketing Initiatives to Improve Subscription-Based Sales

A subscription-based business is one where customers pay a regular fee to access a product or service. This type of business model is increasingly popular as it creates the possibility of multiple sales once a customer has signed up. However, the subscription route can involve a lot of extra work for marketers. They must convince…

Align Entire Company On Single Version Of Truth

How to Align An Entire Company on a Single Source of Truth

The biggest challenge you have isn’t a lack of data. It’s which data you need to pay attention to. You have different sets of data, and you need to make business decisions, fast.  They conflict with each other, so it’s hard to trust any of them. When was this data collected? What tools were used…


Sales Reporting: How to Leverage Tags in Your CRM

Most, if not all, CRMs use tags. A quick and generic definition of a tag is “a unique identifier that can be added by a CRM user to any given contact, company, blog, or deals within a CRM.” Tags are also known by other names, such as categories, contact types, classifications, groups, and buckets. Tagging…


Join Us At Sales 3.0 Conference To Talk About AI For Sales

ClicData’s VP of Worldwide Sales will be among the industry leaders providing key insights and strategies to elevate sales and revenue growth at this year’s Sales 3.O. Held in Las Vegas October 25-26, Sales 3.0 Conference is an annual rendezvous for sales teams and executives to upgrade their knowledge about sales strategies and digital transformations.…

Boost Presales Meetings Dashboards

4 Reasons to Use Dashboards In Pre-Sales Meetings

The effectiveness of pre-sales meetings can go a long way to advance the success of a sale, depending upon a number of factors. Using dashboards in pre-sales meetings can provide clarity and focus of your sales message and be a valuable tool to lead potential customers through the story of the sale. Whether you’re an…


3 Surprising Things You Can Do to NOT Lose Customers

The ease with which customers can choose to leave one company and buy from another company is a threat even to businesses that have a long-standing customer-base. What can you do to prevent it?