What is Customer Centricity and Why It’s Important in 2024

customer centricity

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of business, one truth remains steadfast: customer satisfaction is paramount to profitability. As revealed by a sobering CallMiner report, the repercussions of poor customer experience reverberate throughout the corporate world, with businesses in the United States hemorrhaging a staggering $35 billion annually due to subpar customer interactions. But the…

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What’s Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

why data literacy matters

Data has become a fundamental aspect of business operations in the growing digital-first global economy. As a result, learning how to extract, analyze, store, and use data from different sources has become crucial for driving business value. However, many businesses, especially those digitalizing their operations to make data-driven decisions don’t have the knowledge to tap…

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Who’s Your Boss?

who's your boss

My father was an entrepreneur. He created and led several businesses until one day he expunged the entrepreneurial world from his life and moved the family to Canada in quest of a simpler way of being in the world. I remember him telling me when I was young that “being the boss is the worst…

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How to Keep Your Remote Sales Team Productive

Keep Remote Sales Teams Productive

A great sales team isn’t only found in one office, and a remote sales team may have never even worked in a cubicle. The vast digital transformation has seen the planet’s workforce scattered across the globe, with most of us now working from home for the foreseeable future.  From B2B sales and other distributed sales…

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You Aren’t So Great at Multitasking – And Neither Am I.

Blog Multitasking

The first use of the term “multitasking” occurred in 1965 by IBM when they described the capabilities of the IBM System/360. (While it may have also been the beginning of Skynet, I’ll save that discussion for another blog at another time.) Probably everyone you know—and many more that you don’t know—have at one time or…

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Build Powerful Traffic Dashboards In 4 Steps


Google Analytics world 1st used tool to track website traffic and conversions mostly because it’s free and very thorough. You can find a LOT of information, maybe too much. It takes a little bit of practice and time to familiarize yourself with Google Analytics interface. If you want to go deep into your traffic analysis,…

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8 Critical Components of a Marketing Dashboard

blog components marketing dashboard

You may think your marketing campaign is performing well, but how can you know for sure? And, how can you know that all your marketing efforts—social, digital, email, even PR—are working well together to move the dial on your business? It’s time to take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Key performance indicators, or…

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