Top 15 Marketing Kpis Small Business

The Top 15 Marketing KPIs for Small Business

No business owner or manager wants to waste time, money, or resources on marketing activities that aren’t performing. By tracking marketing key performance indicators (KPIs), your company can learn how to fulfill your marketing goals most cost-effectively. And while digital marketing has become something of a science these days, that doesn’t mean you have to…

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3 Powerful BI Dashboards For Digital Marketing Agencies

The challenge for marketing agencies has always been finding a way to decisively prove the value of their efforts and demonstrate that in client reports. By nature, marketing activities are difficult to track. Business Intelligence (BI) tools can help bring clarity to this challenge.

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3 Types of Marketing Metrics That Prove Your Worth to Clients

Are your clients lost in the digital forest looking for the path to success? With hundreds of look-alike trail markers to choose from, it’s hard to know which marketing campaign metrics to map and track. Are you leading your clients properly through the trees, the footpaths, and streams with the correct marketing metrics? As a…

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Critical Components Marketing Dashboard

8 Critical Components of a Marketing Dashboard

You may think your marketing campaign is performing well, but how can you know for sure? And, how can you know that all your marketing efforts—social, digital, email, even PR—are working well together to move the dial on your business? It’s time to take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Key performance indicators, or…

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Essentials Of Marketing Dashboard

Essentials of Marketing Dashboards

Don’t let that pretty face fool you. Yup, I’m talking about dashboards, of course. And this time, I’m talking about how that beautiful digital exterior can be an incredible marketing tool to provide you and your clients with relevant, high-level information with easy-on-the-eyes visuals. Let’s start with the basics. A marketing dashboard lets you see…

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Success Story: Beeby Clark+Meyler & ClicData

Cost-effective. Intuitive. Unparalleled support. Fast ramp-up. Centralized integral solution. Real-time reporting. These are just a few of the benefits lauded by Beeby Clark+Meyler, a New-York based marketing agency, for the ClicData data visualization solution they installed to provide current, relevant and actionable reports to their clients. Beeby Clark+Meyler has helped major brands and mobile apps…

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4 Secrets to Data-Driven Marketing Success

Marketers have never been so flush with tools to digitize, capture, measure, analyze and report on market factors and behaviors. Data-driven marketing has become a crucial factor for success in today’s extremely competitive economic landscape. For good reason. When surveyed, marketers report that data-driven marketing campaigns deliver demonstrably increased ROIs compared to other campaigns. Users…

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Is Now Soon Enough? Marketers & Real-Time Analytics

With the explosion of opportunities to capture and quantify profiles and behaviors of markets — from buying decisions to social media activity — marketing has become a data-dependent, digital exercise. Opportunities to fine-tune strategies and improve response rates with surgical precision have never been so plentiful. A marketer’s job includes expanding their views of potential…

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