15 Seo Kpis

Top 15 KPIs To Measure Your SEO Performance

Your website is great. You’ve written countless blogs with the relevant keywords and you have authoritative backlinks and internal links within your content and are sure that your SEO game is top-notch. The next question is, how can you tell that your efforts are yielding results? Whether you’re getting started on SEO or you’re looking…

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Marketing Attribution Models Guide

Attribution Models for Marketers: The Definitive Guide

Attribution in marketing means a set of activities by users that affects the desired outcome, such as a conversion and the allocation of values to the events. These activities can later be assessed with the help of marketing campaign reporting software. Attribution models can enable you to gain an understanding of event combinations is some…

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Marketing Kpis Small Business

6 Marketing KPIs To Better Manage Your Small Business

There are two expenses closely related to every marketing effort you put in place for your business – time and money. You have to spend time to develop a plan, and you have to invest money to pay for ad space, pay staff/contractors, marketing services, etc. Nothing comes free in business, and that is certainly…

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Data Blending Marketing

7 Powerful Ways to Implement Data Blending in Marketing

Whether you’re creating marketing reports or merely analyzing your business and how you use and spend on online strategies, the chances are you’ve come across the need to blend your data, i.e., mix up specific metrics to give you a core idea of what’s actually going on. For example, all your followers across all the…

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Study For Marketing Data Science

7 Reasons to Study For Digital Marketing & Data Science

If you want to boost your career prospects, pursuing further studies is one way to amp up your resume. Apart from pursuing European MBA programs abroad, you will also benefit from learning the specialized areas of Digital Marketing and Data Science.  An analytical mind, coupled with a strong skill in data and technology, will provide…

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Seo 6 Tactics For Small Businesses

6 Tactics to Get Started on SEO For Small Business

If you landed here, you are probably looking to fortify your SEO strategy and results. Good move! SEO has proven to be a very effective digital marketing strategy since the beginning of the 90s, but it can also be the biggest challenge for marketers today because of the growing number of competing websites and the…

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Online Advertising Still Worth It

Is Online Advertising Still Worth It in 2020?

In a recent article, I described how rich content in marketing can be quite effective when you’re trying to connect with your audience. But it has certain limitations. For one, it’s only going to be effective if your brand understands their buying persona and what they’re looking for. Second, content marketing is generally a rather…

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Clicdata Mailchimp Integration

ClicData + MailChimp: Better, More Productive Email Reporting

We’re always super excited to add connectors to our BI platform. Each one gives our customers new access to some of their own data sets, allowing them to analyze, report on, and act on them for the first time. MailChimp is one of them. Integrating MailChimp with ClicData gives marketing teams the ability to leverage…

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Social Media Report Templates

Social Media Report Templates For Agencies

Whether you’re a freelancer working with businesses to help them carve a niche or a big social media management firm catering to multiple clients, you will need to create kickass social media reports to convince clients and potential buyers that you have what it takes to generate buzz. The purpose of a social media report…

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4 Low Budget Marketing Tactics

4 Low-Budget Marketing Tactics You Can Apply Now

It’s now well established that inbound marketing costs less than those “ancient” outbound approaches that the industry used to rely on. With consumers being bombarded with an increased volume of content on an increasing number of channels, they’ve come to appreciate and respond to smart content over direct advertising. So, with so many brands scrambling…

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7 Marketing Initiatives Subscription Based Businesses

7 Marketing Initiatives to Improve Subscription-Based Sales

A subscription-based business is one where customers pay a regular fee to access a product or service. This type of business model is increasingly popular as it creates the possibility of multiple sales once a customer has signed up. However, the subscription route can involve a lot of extra work for marketers. They must convince…

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Marketing Kpi Dashboards Social Seo Ads Email

Digital Marketing KPI Dashboards for Social, SEO, Ads, Emails

Being a marketer in a small or medium-sized business means being involved in all sorts of activities, from raising brand awareness and acquiring new customers to nurturing leads and maintaining customer loyalty. Depending on your niche, the competition can be tough, leaving you with little room for error. So, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure…

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Track Your Email Performance From Constant Contact

How To Successfully Run Your Email Marketing Campaigns

While interactive content, shoppable posts, video marketing, conversational marketing, and even AI-driven marketing are predicted to be top marketing trends in 2020, there’s still one old-school marketing tactic that just seems to have staying power in the marketing world: email marketing. And, if you’re doing automated email marketing, you’ve got access to a lot of…

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9 Ways To Sustain Social Media Marketing Efforts On Small Budget

9 Ways to Sustain Your Social Media Efforts on a Strict Budget

Social media marketing has shown itself to be a true leader in the past year. While once believed to be nothing more than a blip when compared to traditional marketing techniques, social media networks have made it easier than ever for businesses to market their brand image. Whether you’re a business stricken by the effects…

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How To Create Marketing Sales Lead Generation Funnel

How to Create a Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Funnel

When I tell partners and investors that we get most of our customers from inbound activities, they are amazed. Well, this was not achieved in a day and we keep adjusting our marketing and sales strategies all the time. In this article, I would like to talk about how to create a marketing and sales…

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