how to choose marketing analytics tool

How To Choose Your Marketing Analytics Tool [2021]

As I was researching stats for a new blog post, I was astonished to find that there was no sign of a buyer’s guide to help marketing leaders and business managers choose a marketing analytics tool. Sure, there are tons of listicles of great marketing tools to review, compare or add to your marketing toolbox.…

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Rebrandly Clicdata Integration

How To Build Real-Time Reports On Your Custom Links Data From Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link management platform that lets you brand, track, and share short URLs using custom domain names. In essence, companies can create short, custom URLs that will be used primarily by mobile phones and that become accessible either with a QR code or very simple URLs. Those links conveniently direct a consumer to…

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Vanity Actionable Metrics Marketing

Vanity vs. Actionable Metrics in Marketing

Let’s say you’re preparing a meal; you’ve got fancy china, a lovely place setting, and each dish is beautifully presented on the plate. Then your guests arrive, hungry and ready to dig in, only to discover the turkey is undercooked, the risotto tastes awful, and the blueberry cream pie is nothing to write home about.…

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Measure Communicate Marketing Results

Marketing Results: How to Efficiently Measure And Communicate Them

Marketing can be scary – you’re expected to come up with ideas to impress people you’ve never met and sell them your product or service?  Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your success, so you know all your planning, sweat, and tears will pay off. And when you keep track of metrics, you can show…

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Copywriting Tips For More Conversions

7 Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Landing Pages Conversions

With a blog article, a visitor reading, and liking it may be enough. But landing page copywriting is different; it demands conversion. This requirement makes it a tad frustrating when a web visitor clicks to your landing page, scrolls through, and clicks away without taking the desired action. What would you do in this situation?…

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Seo Mistakes And How To Fix

7 Common SEO Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Optimizing to rank on Google’s first page is one of the marketing objectives of some brands. While some know the hacks to get it done, others rely on outdated tricks that rarely work for them. Even those that know the hack still make some mistakes that hurt their search engine optimization strategy. They do a…

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Saas Marketing Kpis Dashboard

10 Marketing KPIs For Your SaaS Company

The goal of digital marketing strategies in SaaS companies remains the same as in any other type of company: attract new customers, convince them that you’re the right fit for their needs, and make them stay with you as long as possible. But e-commerce, hospitality, and SaaS industries will each use a different set of…

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Remarketing Tactics To Improve Conversions

6 Remarketing Strategies That Can Improve Conversions

Online retail offers consumers a lot of benefits: easier accessibility, expanded choice, and better value for money. But the fact that you’ve got an online retail outlet doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to generate purchases or to get customers coming back to you again and again. This is where remarketing comes in. In this post, we’ll…

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how to increase your content marketing ROI

3 Tips to Increase Your Content Marketing ROI

We all know that content marketing works. However, content marketing ROI is still a gray area for 43% of marketers, according to a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) survey. These respondents said their content marketing ROI was average to poor. This is bad news for marketers and brands. Creating and marketing content requires a lot of…

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Marketing Performance Issues And Solutions

4 Common Issues with Marketing Performance Management & Solutions

In the current age, marketing is not only an art but also a science. As such, measuring the performance of your marketing efforts against key metrics is a top priority for every marketer. Without rigorous performance tracking, marketing is reduced to mere guesswork. This is because you don’t know what marketing activities are worth investing…

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Lead Performance Tracking

Enhanced Lead Performance Tracking with Sales & Marketing Data Combined

Sales and marketing are invariably interdependent. The sales team needs the marketing team to attract new leads and keep current customers engaged with high-quality content. Marketing needs sales’ insights and intelligence to adjust their campaigns, messaging, and targeting in order to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Aligning the strategies of the two…

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7 Tips To Improve Click Through Rate And Leads

7 Tips That Will Increase Email Click-Through Rate And Improve Leads

It can be hard trying to stand out in a world where most communications are electronic. Especially for businesses reaching out to new leads. It’s sort of like a celebrity charity single where everyone is trying to out-sing each other. But we can help you outshine (or sing) your competitors. Emails are a fantastic way…

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5 Landing Page Mistakes Ecommerce

Building Landing Pages For E-commerce: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Landing pages are the perfect opportunity to make a strong first impression on new visitors, and this makes them one of the most important components of an effective e-commerce marketing plan. Just as a unique, engaging landing page can substantially boost sales, even seemingly minor errors can make it difficult to reach your marketing goals.…

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Marketing Toolbox

The Ideal Marketing ToolBox for Enhanced Productivity (2020)

Organizing a team comes with its challenges. Whether you’re just starting up or have been operational for ages, you still have to combine different personalities to form a group of productive staff to work towards a common goal. Marketing executives face hectic days due to more demanding activities like task prioritization, organizing work, and tracking…

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Social Media Roi

Social Media ROI: How to Skyrocket It in 3 Ways

Social media ROI (return on investment) is a sore point with most marketers. They simply can’t put a figure on the returns social media marketing is producing for them. Don’t believe me? 55% of marketers find it the most challenging to measure social media ROI. 3 in 5 marketers do not even discuss ROI with…

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