Annual Financial Performance Tracking

Don’t Wait For Your Annual Financials to Track Your Financial KPIs

Maybe you’re working on closing your 2020 financials at this very moment, gathering all relevant information with your accounting team. If so, it’s the perfect time to take a look at a few KPIs that can naturally be drawn from your yearly financial statements. Still, you don’t have to wait for tax time to benefit…

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Financial KPIs SaaS Companies

17 Financial KPIs For a SaaS Company

As a company with multiple offices and with customers and shareholders around the world, at ClicData we find that monitoring our business performance online using live financial KPIs on informative dashboards is an absolute must. It is also a clear and attractive way to showcase our product to our key players. Here is a list…

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Pricing Analytics – Mercedes C Class Example

Sales analytics are key to understanding the impact of independent variables on consumer demand of a product or service. How does seasonality affect sales? What is the optimal price point for a particular product? How do competitors and broader market trends influence a products potential profit? In this project, we will explore Mercedes C class…

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Top Six Financial Indicators

Your Top Six Financial Indicators

Achieving a firm and intricate understanding of your company’s financial picture may the greatest challenge of any business owner, large or small. It’s estimated that even many Fortune 500 CEOs (as much as 30%) have devoted the first few years of their careers to understand finance. There’s a tremendous amount of financial data to crunch.…

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