3 Powerful BI Dashboards For Digital Marketing Agencies

The challenge for marketing agencies has always been finding a way to decisively prove the value of their efforts and demonstrate that in client reports. By nature, marketing activities are difficult to track. Business Intelligence (BI) tools can help bring clarity to this challenge.

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Preferred Dataviz By Business People

Top 3 Data Visualization Types Preferred by Business People

As more and more businesses become data-centric, so have their communication style. Businesses have embraced data, yet there is so much of it, flowing in at such a fast pace, that it’s extremely hard to digest without intuitive pictures, charts and call-outs. This onslaught of data has transformed visualization tools from a nice-to-have, to a…

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must have features bi tools

7 Must-Have Features in Your Business Intelligence Dashboard Tool

If the past three decades tell us anything, it’s that we’re indeed deep into the “Information Age.” Business intelligence and dashboard reporting tools are all the rage. Why? Because data is everywhere, coming from virtually everything. Around the clock connectivity and the Internet of Things (“IoT”) have digitally connected everything from cars and appliances to…

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What is a Readability Score And To Work With Them?

Often, the people closest to the data are the ones who are most technical. Engineers, data scientists, analysts. Without a doubt, these folks are brilliant. However, they may tend to craft intelligence reports that are a tad over-the-top on the technical lingo. Now, while they may be able to easily absorb information in reports jammed…

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5 Keys to Ensure Your Data is Actionable

Big Data is here to stay. Leveraging your ever-growing data in a smart way—to make fast, fact-based decisions—is the foundation of your competitive edge. Yet, there’s just one problem: not everyone is a natural-born data hound. Sure, you may have the analytical skills and the technical know-how to analyze data (without the need to tap…

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Critical Components Marketing Dashboard

8 Critical Components of a Marketing Dashboard

You may think your marketing campaign is performing well, but how can you know for sure? And, how can you know that all your marketing efforts—social, digital, email, even PR—are working well together to move the dial on your business? It’s time to take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Key performance indicators, or…

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Blog Tracking Project Resources For Success

Tracking Project Resources for Greater Success

Every business has a finite number of resources available to work toward the completion of projects. These resources include people, materials, expertise, and time, and they all require extreme care of management to achieve the greatest level of efficiency. The crux of effective resource management is the resource allocation plan. This plan should help you…

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Analyzing Twitter Data: Discovering Donald Trump’s Two Personalities

I came across a very interesting post last week on David Robinson’s blog (varianceexplained.org) that I had to share with you. David took some time to gather and analyze data from Donald Trump’s twitter feed. As you probably know, Donald Trump actively and frequently tweets his thoughts and opinions as he campaigns as the Republican…

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