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Some of ClicData Advanced Features

Hello Dashboard enthusiasts! Time for a little focus on some of our advanced features currently available while we all wait for the new version of ClicData to be released! Filtering option : Auto-complete Input Widget. The filter is useful when you want to type the value you want to filter on. How does it work? As a…

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HeartBleed, your test results came back negative.

Hi there Clicdata Users! Just a quick mesage to let you know that after running a series of tests on all of our servers and services, ClicData is NOT vulnerable to HeartBleed. If you are asking yourself what this is all about, I strongly recommend you to check this article about it,  but in a…

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ClicData, where is my Data ?

For the last couple of weeks we have been upgrading our infrastructure: servers, databases etc… We made sure to build a redundant powerhouse to minimize the risks of downtime and also to welcome more ClicData users! I’ll take this opportunity to answer a question that I’ve been getting quite often lately: Where in the world…

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"Is my data secure after all?" The Snowden’s Case

The last few days, we’ve all been witnessing quite a spy movie unfolding in the news. The tale of Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor and his revelations about the extent of the USA surveillance program over the world. Unfortunately, the main information people remember from that story is that Data, in all its form, is…

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