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How to Calculate and Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost?

Excel Spreadsheets Arent Enough For Business Data Management

Why Spreadsheets Aren’t Enough For Your Business Data

I love Excel. I just wanted to state this outright. I would like to think that I use it the right way and that I am nearly an expert in most things Excel. I think Excel can be used in many circumstances and scenarios that require a very fluid, ad hoc analysis. The problem is…

How Much Data Is Too Much Data For Organization

How Much Data Is Too Much Data For Your Organization?

With access to unprecedented volumes of data, organizations can perform endless analyses and get innumerable insights to base decisions on. But at some point, it’s valuable to step back and consider whether having so much data is serving the needs of your organization or costing you in ways that you’re not recognizing. Here are three…

Turn Your Data Into Information

How To Turn Your Data Into Information

At ClicData we try to keep things simple. Like many others, we do frequently use terms such as metrics, measures, dimensions, and facts, but we find that there can be a vast difference in their meaning from one person to the next. We hold a vision to make the field of data information analysis and…

Data Management Agile Organization

How to Manage Data Within an Agile Organization

Good data governance makes quality information timely available throughout the lifecycle of the organization. This should include aspects of availability, usability, consistency, data integrity, and data security. Governance should, however, adapt data processes to the needs of the parent agile organization. That said, effective data management does not exist outside the rest of the IT…

Automated Project Reporting

Dreaming of automating your projects reporting?

Project management comes with a myriad of challenges, as most know. One of the biggest problems in the sphere is reporting. Reports are an integral piece of project management – it keeps everyone aware of time spent, deadlines and overall progress and is an essential tool for communication between parties. However, article after article, such…

Optimize your Dashboard Performance with Cache Feature

An overview of our new cache feature, which is useful for complex data transformation (ETL) processes on the Data section of ClicData.


Are You Still Working in a Data Silo? Why Collaboration is Crucial.

Without seeing the full picture, it is difficult for organizations to make decisions or changes necessary to keep the business healthy.

Forget about Big Data. Think Smart Data.

Do you remember back in 1999 when everyone was talking about the Y2K systems crash that was going to take place when the clocks turned midnight on December 31? Seems funny now but some of us were busy until the very last minute ensuring that every system, database, and application was ready to handle 2…

must have features bi tools

7 Must-Have Features in Your Business Intelligence Dashboard Tool

If the past three decades tell us anything, it’s that we’re indeed deep into the “Information Age.” Business intelligence and dashboard reporting tools are all the rage. Why? Because data is everywhere, coming from virtually everything. Around the clock connectivity and the Internet of Things (“IoT”) have digitally connected everything from cars and appliances to…

5 Keys to Ensure Your Data is Actionable

Big Data is here to stay. Leveraging your ever-growing data in a smart way—to make fast, fact-based decisions—is the foundation of your competitive edge. Yet, there’s just one problem: not everyone is a natural-born data hound. Sure, you may have the analytical skills and the technical know-how to analyze data (without the need to tap…

Beyond Excel: Better Product Management

Do you find yourself lost in day-to-day activities that soak up your time and derail your good intentions and goals for the day?

Welcome to product management. The reality is that there will always be a range of activities that eat up your time. But even in the thick of product development, a few key strategies will help you be more effective.

Some of ClicData Advanced Features

Hello Dashboard enthusiasts! Time for a little focus on some of our advanced features currently available while we all wait for the new version of ClicData to be released! Filtering option : Auto-complete Input Widget. The filter is useful when you want to type the value you want to filter on. How does it work? As a…