Data Templates for Better Efficiency and Analytics

blog clicdata data templates

Designed to make your life easier, our ready-to-use data templates help you in your data modeling process. There are currently three types of data templates available: Each data template can be downloaded on the platform, and be refreshed with the classic methods used with your own datasets. They behave exactly as other datasets. To set…

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7 Powerful report dashboards for digital marketing agencies  

blog report dashboards for digital agencies

The birth of the digital marketing agency gave the illusion that FINALLY the value of marketing could be proved with the magic of data and technology. Unfortunately, the reality for many agencies is to drown in unconnected data from multiple marketing channels and client systems. Many hours are wasted manually building reports, only for a…

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Top 5 of Data Management Pain Points In 2022

data management pain points

Creating a data-driven culture is not the only challenge that organizations and data professionals must overcome to get value out of the data collected and its analysis. There are many other data management pain points or challenges to overcome. The following are the top 5 challenges for data management and the strategies to overcome them.…

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How Machine Learning Can Improve Demand Forecasting

machine learning on demand forecasting

Machine learning has seen one of the most rapid growths, its market value increasing from $1.03 billion in 2016 to $15.44 billion in 2021. This innovation has also outperformed expert predictions and gained a strong foothold in the commercial industry. The reason is that businesses have benefited from its applications, succeeding at enhancing demand forecasting…

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How to Choose The Right Data Platform That’ll Meet Your Needs

chossing right data platform

The business world today runs on data. Regardless of your industry or organization size, data powers strategic decision-making, reveals hidden waste generators eating into your bottom line, and unearths new revenue streams. However, data alone can’t execute all the above. Your business must gather tech solutions that connect all the relevant data sources. You’ll need…

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Data Lifecycle Management: A Simple and Complete Explanation

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Enterprise data can no longer be thought of as separate chunks of information. Today, data is not only everywhere, but it’s also interconnected. At any given organization, the same dataset passes through multiple hands and is used to make informed decisions across departments. Enterprise data has evolved into a homogenous living thing that flows throughout…

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6 Sales Reporting Challenges & ClicData’s Solutions

sales reporting challenges and solutions

The importance of sales reports to a sales team can’t be understated. They help managers summarize and track sales performance, plan sales strategies, recognize trends, and adjust the sales cycle as needed. Of course, like other reports, the more accurate the sales report is and the more extensive its data resources, the more profoundly it…

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Calculating your Facebook Ads ROI For Ecommerce with ClicData

calculating facebook ads roi

Facebook is the largest social media site globally, making Facebook Ads a powerful marketing tool for your products. With almost 3 billion registered users, Facebook lets you interact with customers, build your brand identity, run ads, and increase your reach.  As an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, Facebook readily meets the needs of small firms and big…

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Dealing with Dates in Data Analytics

dates in data analytics

Those of us that do not have to deal with time zones, date formats, and leap years, and the like might wonder what the big deal is about working with dates. I mean, a date and time is a date and time, right? December 31, 2022, at midnight is a Friday. It’s New Year’s Eve.…

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Common Data Issues & Solving Them With ClicData

common data issues solutions using clicdata

What sets ClicData apart is the power it gives you to do two valuable things: pull your data together into one clean data source and build efficient dashboards in a very short time. The platform gives you tools to tidy up your data. You can define transformations on the data that run any time that…

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Data Silos: The Achilles Heel of Large Organizations

Data Silos How To Break Them

Quick question: How do you determine strategic choices for your business? While qualitative decision-making is a viable approach, you also want to have an understanding of the underlying numbers to help you make the most informed and optimal choice. In the modern age, companies are unable to come up with decisions without relying on accurately…

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