How to do a Consumer Behavior Analysis?

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Do you ever feel you are speculating on what your customers want? Does your marketing team toss ideas out in the hopes that one would connect with customers and increase sales? Do you aspire to a method that would reveal to you precisely what your clients desire? You’re in luck if this sounds like it’s…

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10 Essential KPIs for Retail to Keep in Mind

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KPIs, or key performance indicators, have long been a fundamental part of business operations. These metrics enable employees, managers, and leaders to monitor and keep track of their workflows, project progress, sales targets, and other important processes to evaluate overall business performance.  In a hyper-competitive industry like retail, businesses have no choice but to collect…

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Business Intelligence: Benefits for the Retail Industry

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Big Data has been a revolutionary concept for global industries and changed how we do business. Business intelligence is currently valued at $14.7 billion and is expected to grow by $8.15 billion between 2022 and 2026. All of its applications are critical for effective strategy development, but retail business intelligence has a special significance. A…

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The 7 Biggest Data Analytics Myths Debunked

data analytics myths debunked

Despite the clear advantages of data analysis to some of the biggest names in tech and business, from Meta to Amazon, there is still a stigma attached to the practice. The realities of data analytics, however, have been obscured by myths. In this article, we will shine a light on the truth. Introduction to Data…

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What’s Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

why data literacy matters

Data has become a fundamental aspect of business operations in the growing digital-first global economy. As a result, learning how to extract, analyze, store, and use data from different sources has become crucial for driving business value. However, many businesses, especially those digitalizing their operations to make data-driven decisions don’t have the knowledge to tap…

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ClicData VS. Qlik Sense: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

and (2)

Chances are you have ClicData and Qlik’s websites open in two tabs right now, trying to compare features, pricing models, and infrastructure. If you’re not, this is still an interesting read about two major data analytics and business intelligence solutions. In this post, we explain the main differences between the two platforms to make your…

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How ClicData Helps Retail Brands Manage Product Inventory and Pricing

managing product inventory and pricing in retail with clicdata

Every successful business must provide value to its customers and ensure reliability. Being on top of your inventory can help you meet the market demand and generate more leads and sales. However, about 43% of business managers don’t track their inventory, and 21% of businesses do not have inventory. Lack of proper inventory management can…

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Data Reliability: A Challenge to Address to Becoming Data-Driven

reliable data definition process and benefits 1536x885

Everyone wants to be a data driver. But to be data-driven, you first need to have reliable data. Having data is quite different from having reliable data, which is also different from being data-driven. To paint a clear picture, let’s take a scenario where two marketing executives present different sales figures for the same quarter…

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How to Choose The Right Data Platform That’ll Meet Your Needs

chossing right data platform

The business world today runs on data. Regardless of your industry or organization size, data powers strategic decision-making, reveals hidden waste generators eating into your bottom line, and unearths new revenue streams. However, data alone can’t execute all the above. Your business must gather tech solutions that connect all the relevant data sources. You’ll need…

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Data Lifecycle Management: A Simple and Complete Explanation

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Enterprise data can no longer be thought of as separate chunks of information. Today, data is not only everywhere, but it’s also interconnected. At any given organization, the same dataset passes through multiple hands and is used to make informed decisions across departments. Enterprise data has evolved into a homogenous living thing that flows throughout…

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5 Ways eCommerce Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

ecommerce benefits from cloud computing

The oversaturated eCommerce market is dictating its terms of competitiveness. Now minor weaknesses and delays can cost thousands of losses and paralyze your business. Therefore, online store owners need to be flexible, intelligent, and also grasp the latest innovations to use to their advantage. Retailers take different steps, such as building a headless commerce structure…

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ClicData vs Sisense Comparison

clicdata versus sisense

It’s essential to compare different products when buying a new BI solution. It helps you get what you need at the best available price. For that reason, we create a series of blog posts to compare ClicData with other popular data platforms in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the best BI software…

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What is Data Discovery? The Ultimate Guide

complete guide data discovery

The technologies you use for day-to-day operations at your organization generate and transmit data at an unprecedented rate. Today, businesses collect a lot of information relating to customer buying patterns, supplier lead times, customer search queries, and even their contact and IP addresses. With so much data at your disposal, it’s best to put it…

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